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Cloudera works for you

With an EDH, people across your organization can ask better questions and get the detailed, multilayered answers they need to drive your business forward.

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Process and explore data in the cloud

What are you trying to achieve?

Products & Services

Data driven product development

Improve product & services efficiency

Customer Insights

Understand your customers

Understand your customers


Improve information security

Identify & mitigate cyber threats

Information Technology

Modernize IT at your company

Modernize IT at your company


Use data to improve operations

Use data to improve operations


Reduce risk to your business

Reduce risk to your business

No matter what industry you're in, we can help

Quality data makes you more agile, innovative, competitive, and market-driven. That’s why today’s industry leaders focus on building new analytic capabilities with Cloudera.

Thousands of enterprises solve their biggest data challenges with Cloudera

Marks and Spencer develops next generation analytics capabilities with Cloudera

Marks & Spencer Develops Next Generation Analytics Capabilities with Cloudera

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