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Integrate More Data

How long does it take to add a new dimension to a table? How about adding a new unstructured data ingest pipeline? Weeks, months, never? Are you getting any value from your data sitting in a cloud object store? Well, it’s time to consider deploying a solution that gives your IT team the flexibility to store, process, and prepare whatever data type or volume your business needs using industry-leading tools like Apache Kafka.

RelayHealth Case Study


Pragmatic Data Science

Real-time analysis requires improved access to data and increased system performance.  Quickly performing ad-hoc search and analysis on any data set (in-flight) and iterating in real-time with powerful tools like Apache Spark paired with data store technology like Kudu is helping users understand time relevant data.  An engineered data pipeline created with Cloudera Enterprise puts insights into the hands of analysts faster.

Data Processing in Hadoop

Optimize Data Processing

Waiting hours or even days to process data doesn’t cut it in today’s world. It’s critical that organizations meet their data processing SLAs in order to provide the business the data they need to make decisions. Using Apache Spark users are accelerating data processing workloads helping improve forecasting, reporting, and accuracy.

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