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Supply Chain Optimization

Manufacturing and shipping high quality products to meet regional demand is not a simple task. With data streaming in from a variety of sources, supply chain managers need to have a complete view of the product lifecycle to increase product quality and customer satisfaction.

Omneo improves product quality and performance across supply chain

Predictive Support

As organizations continue to invest in the “Internet of Things”, and more machines and products are being connect to the web, they need to take advantage of all of this data. This includes creating predictive maintenance applications to reduce downtime for products and internal machines.

Cloudera’s enterprise data hub reduces time-to-resolution of support cases by 35%

Learn more about Predictive support

Workforce Analytics

Behind every successful organization is a content, efficient workforce. Embedding workforce data and analytics into an operations department allows them to prioritize employees that are about to leave, optimize compensation, and create an overall better work environment.

Improve insight into localized job markets with big data solution

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