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Compliance Hub

Meeting PCI, HIPAA and PII, and other types of compliance regulations is nearly impossible when an organization stores and moves sensitive information to unprotected systems. Being able to manage data security, while quickly supplying compliance reports when needed, must be top-of-mind for any organization.

Platform security capabilities

Cloudera Enterprise data management platform certified for full PCI compliance

Fraud Detection

Traditional fraud architectures don’t offer organizations the flexibility and scalability they need in order to protect their organizations from fraudulent transactions. This risk exposure needs to be mitigated by leveraging diverse data and analytics for smarter detection.  

Identifying fraud, managing risk and improving compliance

Risk Modeling

As organizations create vast amounts of diverse data, it’s critical that risk professionals collect and analyze this information in order to understand whether the risk exposure is worth the return. Collect and analyze more data faster in order to gain a complete understanding of risk with Cloudera’s enterprise data hub.

Estimate financial risk with Apache Spark

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