CDH 6.0.x Packaging

The package version numbers of the projects comprising each CDH 6.0.x release are listed in the following tables. For the same type of information for other CDH releases, see CDH 6 Packaging Information. To view the overall release notes for CDH 6, see CDH 6 Release Notes.

CDH 6.0.0 Beta Packaging

Component Component Version Changes Information
Apache Avro avro-doc-1.8.2+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Crunch crunch-1.0.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Flume 1.x flume-ng-1.8.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Hadoop hadoop-3.0.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache HBase hbase-solr-1.5+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Hive hive-2.1.1+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Hue hue-3.9.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Impala impala-3.9.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Kafka kafka-1.0.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Kite SDK kite-1.0.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Kudu kudu-1.5.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Oozie oozie-5.0.0_beta1+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Parquet parquet-1.9.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Parquet-format parquet-format-2.3.1+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Pig pig-0.17.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Cloudera Search search-1.0.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Sentry sentry-2.0.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Spark spark-core-2.2.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache Sqoop sqoop-1.4.7+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes
Apache ZooKeeper zookeeper-3.9.0+cdh6.0.0-beta1 Changes