Upgrade Notes for Kudu 1.5.0 / CDH 5.13.0 and Higher

Upgrading directly from Kudu 1.7.0 to 1.8.0 is supported and no special upgrade steps are required. A rolling upgrade may work, however it has not been tested. When upgrading Kudu, it is recommended to first shut down all Kudu processes across the cluster, then upgrade the software on all servers, then restart the Kudu processes on all servers in the cluster.

  • Kudu 1.5 enables the optional ability to compute, store, and verify checksums on all pieces of data stored on a server by default. Due to storage format changes, downgrading to versions 1.3 or earlier is not supported and will result in an error.

  • The kudu-spark-tools module has been renamed to kudu-spark2-tools_2.11 in order to include the Spark and Scala base versions. This matches the pattern used in the kudu-spark module and artifacts.

  • To improve security, world-readable Kerberos keytab files are no longer accepted by default. Set --allow_world_readable_credentials=true to override this behavior.