Cloudera Now, our quarterly virtual event, is designed for IT and data practitioners who want to hear the latest and greatest on Cloudera products. Through comprehensive demos, customer use cases, and interactive Q&A, attendees will gain new skills and knowledge to bring back to their organizations. 


Join us and be among the first to get early access to products, code drops, and sneak previews of new technologies. Can’t make it? You’ll be able to access all content on-demand to view at your convenience.

What you can expect from Cloudera Now

Drive results with open architecture

With emerging technologies like large language models (LLM) and real-time self-service analytics at scale, your business requires the most advanced open data lakehouse to power fast and complete data workflows at the lowest cost. From data movement to AI and beyond, get everything you need to drive business impact at Cloudera Now!

Product demos

See hands-on demonstrations of new products, including Cloudera Observability,  our new data lifecycle observability tool. It gives you full platform control and resource management across your data lakehouse. Learn how Cloudera Machine Learning’s (CML) new experimentation and data catalog features lead to more trusted  AI solutions. And don’t miss other great demos, like how to build LLM (like ChatGPT!), the latest developments and use cases for Apache Iceberg, how to modernize your data pipelines, and more.

Intro to implementation

Take the guesswork out of implementing the latest technology updates from Cloudera.  Step-by-step walkthroughs, led by Cloudera experts, will help you go beyond monitoring with our newest applied observability solution. Learn how to understand and optimize Cloudera Data Platform deployments across your data lakehouse, including how to deliver a scalable, open lakehouse on-prem to power analytics and machine learning (ML). And don’t miss our session on how to create transparent and observable data flows for optimizing data operations. 

Interactive Q&A sessions

Whether you’re looking to advance your ML capabilities, make data workflows fast and versatile with Apache Iceberg or create transparent, observable data flows, we’ve got answers to all your questions. Join a live Q&A session to ask Cloudera product experts anything and everything you can think of about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


How CML enables Generative AI for the enterprise

Jacob Bengston, Principal Technical Evangelist

Services like ChatGPT and others powered by Generative AI are fueling innovation and efficiency across industries. However, these third party services do not come without their downsides. As with any external application, companies leveraging services like ChatGPT risk exposing sensitive or private information unknowingly via user inputs. Additionally, third party Generative AI applications lack subject matter expertise contained within internal company data sources. To overcome these shortcomings, Cloudera Machine Learning offers a secure environment for you to run your own fine-tuned Large Language Models augmented with your proprietary data. In this session, you will learn:

  1. About our newest Applied ML Prototype (AMP) that allows you to deploy an internal LLM and vector database

  2. Best practices and how to get started building your own LLM use cases in CML

  3. How the flexibility of CML enables the distributed framework (Spark, Ray, Dask, etc.) of your choosing

New open data lakehouse use cases with CDP Private Cloud

Vineeth Varughese, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Have your cake and eat it too. Enjoy the benefits of the cloud and the control of your own datacenter with CDP Private Cloud, the only true cloud-native data platform for on-premises workloads. Choose where to run your data applications, whether for ongoing predictable workflows or data-intensive processing, and optimize your cloud spend.  In this session, you’ll learn: 

  1. How CDP Private Cloud delivers a truly cloud-native data platform and is the gateway to hybrid cloud

  2. How Iceberg and Ozone are changing the game for private data lakehouses

  3. How running data jobs in a hybrid context helps your data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers achieve more with less

Introducing Cloudera Observability for your open data lakehouse

Wim Stoop, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Keeping track of what runs where on which clusters, how it performs, and how or whether it could perform better is a big undertaking. Or rather, it used to be; not anymore! Cloudera’s proud to reveal it’s first applied observability solution that helps you understand and optimize your Cloudera Data Platform deployments across your data lakehouse.

Join this session to find out:

  1. Why you need more than just monitoring to manage your deployments and how Cloudera’s new observability solution bundles our collective knowledge and expertise in ensuring continuous optimization.

  2. How Cloudera’s applied observability gives you full platform control and stability, powerful resource management, and financial control as well as intelligent recommendations for improvement.

  3. How you can get started for free and benefit from rich historical trends and insights as well as expedited support.

Streaming pipelines for real-time visibility

Tim Spann, Principal DIM Specialist and Developer Advocate

Businesses need to be responsive to observable conditions in their systems and applications.  Cybersecurity, customer engagement, machine health monitoring and application performance are key use cases that  all require data about what’s happening in a given system to be merged with business data to drive decision making.  Many data pipelines observability tools are siloed and proprietary.  Getting anything more than basic metrics can be slow, costly and inefficient due to excessive movement of data.  CDP’s Data in Motion tools give access to all observable data in real time, contextualized with business data for decision making, and they do it with maximum efficiency and agility.   In this session you will learn:

  1. How to reduce costs and operational overhead by simplifying tools and processes

  2. How to drive results by delivering real-time insights that capture the full picture of your business events

  3. How to take it to the next level with stream processing to respond to critical events as they occur


Santiago Giraldo Sr. Director, Product Marketing - Hybrid Data Services
Jacob Bengtson Principal Technical Evangelist
Vineeth Varughese Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Wim Stoop Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Cloudera
Tim Spann Principal DIM Specialist and Developer Advocate

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Amazing presentation of some genuinely out of the box feature sets.”


- Independent Consultant


Great webinar, well-tailored for tech and ease to business implementation.”


- Desert Consulting


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