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Hybrid means freedom of choice—but to realize its full potential, you need a hybrid data cloud. During Cloudera Now our experts demonstrated how Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) delivers on the promise of a hybrid data cloud. Achieve speed and control. Performance and scale. Flexibility and security. All with one platform.




Hana Jeddy, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloudera


Keynote: The Hybrid Data Cloud

Sudhir Menon, Chief Product Officer, Cloudera

How often are you forced to make a choice, when what you really want is both? In today’s hybrid world, you shouldn’t be forced to choose one or the other. What you need is a hybrid solution, one that gives you the power of choice without limitations. That’s the Power of AND made possible by the hybrid data cloud. Watch Chief Product Officer Sudhir Menon's keynote about options without constraints: speed AND control, performance AND scale, flexibility AND security. The future is Now, and you won’t want to miss it.

Session Takeaways

  • What we mean by a hybrid data cloud that delivers freedom of choice
  • How far the industry has come and where it’s going
  • What is possible today with a true hybrid data cloud solution

Data Impact Award Finalists Announcement

Find out the finalists in our annual program that recognizes organizations who are moving swiftly towards the future and building innovative solutions by making what was impossible yesterday, possible today.

19 MIN

Demo Session: Multi-Function Analytics for Hybrid Cloud

David Dichmann, Director, Product Management, Cloudera

Companies struggle to answer new burning business questions quickly enough to respond to constant change, because ingesting, transforming, analyzing, and visualizing new data requires multiple people and products working together across different environments. In this session, you’ll see an end-to-end demonstration of how Cloudera dramatically streamlines this process with role-based, pre-integrated solutions to common use cases. With Cloudera Data Platform’s integrated data lifecycle tools, practitioners can  quickly discover, analyze, prepare and publish new data insights across hybrid cloud.

Session Takeaways 

  • Spend less time waiting and more time doing with self-service access to data that lets LoB Analysts discover new insights and create queries that satisfy the growing demands of business managers

  • Reduce the delivery of high-performance decision support from months to days with self-service business intelligence (BI) at scale for data ingestion, data science, and BI development

  • Get instant answers to burning business questions and fast turnaround on solutions in production through self-service capabilities for LoB Analysts

15 MIN

Demo Session: Machine Learning Discovery & Exploration on Hybrid Cloud

Peter Ableda, Product Manager, Cloudera

To build models and power Machine Learning (ML) use cases, data scientists and ML engineers need to fully understand their data. In this session, you’ll see how Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) solves this problem with built-in  SQL and data visualization tools, which are integrated and accessible directly from data science and ML project spaces. CML is available on both public cloud and private cloud, giving companies the flexibility of data discovery in hybrid cloud.

Session Takeaways 

  • Spend more time solving business problems and less time conducting data exploration with code or across multiple tools

  • Reduce time to value with CML which enables you to train your ML models through rapid iterations on datasets

  • Fetch datasets with just two lines of code using CML’s connection library snippets

10 MIN

Demo Session: Economics of Hybrid Cloud

Raman Rajasekhar, Director, Product Management, Cloudera

Public and private cloud each have their advantages, especially when it comes to cost-efficiency. Public cloud is best for low-utilization workloads, while private cloud is more suitable for high-utilization workloads. But how do you know which workloads are high vs low utilization? In this session, you’ll see how Cloudera Data Platform Hybrid Cloud analyzes and identifies the best environment, public or private, for each workload.

Session Takeaways 

  • Get insights on tenant costs in a simple, straightforward way with Workload Manager in CDP

  • Custom define cost centers to proactively monitor your most expensive tenants and their workloads

  • Optimize and control application costs with ease using the prescriptive recommendations provided by Workload Manager

17 MIN

Demo Session: Enable Hybrid Cloud Application Deployment with OpDB

Krishna Maheshwari, Senior Director, Product Management, Cloudera

Today’s successful developers understand how to take full advantage of hybrid cloud to manage tenant isolation and latency for their applications. In this session, learn how Cloudera’s hybrid cloud solution lets developers build an app once, and then run it wherever it makes the most sense. For example, running a latency-sensitive application in a public cloud where resources are flexible while running latency-insensitive data processing jobs on-premises, where resources are fixed. Overall operational agility is improved, and developers utilize the best features of their public and private clouds.

Session Takeaways 

  • Deploy an app on an edge node and easily set up replication by deploying CDP Operational Database (COD)

  • Run apps against HBase/Phoenix on premises in CDP or in the CDP Operational Database data service — with zero modifications 

  • Streamline and drive efficiency with the live migration of apps that read and write data to the cloud

16 MIN

Demo Session: Introducing Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud

Michael Kohs, Senior Product Manager, Cloudera

With the rise of streaming data (or, data in motion), companies must figure out how to deliver high-scale data ingestion, transformation, and management. In this session, you’ll see how Cloudera Data Platform’s (CDP) new DataFlow service provides real-time data movement capabilities to address hybrid cloud use cases.

Session Takeaways 

  • Manage your infrastructure and auto-scale your data flows as needed with Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub — the first cloud-native runtime for Apache NiFfi

  • Meet performance SLAs and ensure the health of data flows with the monitoring dashboard that offers insights and KPIs at a glance

  • Deploy your first data flow in minutes using the growing library of ReadyFlows and adjust as needed to meet your needs

17 MIN

Demo Session: Private Cloud—Cloud-Native Infrastructure for On Prem

Tom Deane, Director, Product Management, Cloudera

In this session, you’ll learn about Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud, a next-generation data platform with cloud-native, self-service analytics. Learn how it brings the speed, scale, and flexibility of the cloud to your on-premises environments using a containerized computed cloud and highly scalable object storage—capabilities that make it a key component of CDP Hybrid Cloud.

Session Takeaways 

  • Achieve cloud-like agility within the confines of your data center using CDP Private Cloud

  • Simplify initial setup using CDP Private Cloud 1.3

11 MIN

Keynote: In Conversation: Hybrid by Choice

Ram Venkatesh, Chief Technology Officer, Cloudera

Sudhir Menon, Chief Product Officer, Cloudera

By now you’ve realized that your vision of the future is within reach. So what’s next? Watch Ram Venkatesh, Chief Technology Officer and Sudhir Menon, Chief Product Officer as they take you inside their visionary roadmap. Hear first-hand how leading businesses like yours benefit from the next generation of the hybrid data cloud platform to realize accelerated growth fueled by data-driven decision-making. This conversation digs into what it means to fully leverage the power of a hybrid data cloud environment to help you meet the demands of a hyper-competitive and ever-changing business climate.

Session Takeaways

  • What the future of hybrid means for your business
  • What’s next on the horizon with the hybrid data cloud
  • How your business will benefit by embracing our hybrid solution


Hana Jeddy Director, Product Marketing
Sudhir Menon Chief Product Officer
Ram Venkatesh Chief Technology Officer
David Dichmann Director, Product Management
Peter Ableda Product Manager
Raman Rajasekhar Director, Product Management
Krishna Maheshwari Senior Director, Product Management, Cloudera
Michael Kohs Senior Product Manager
Tom Deane Director, Product Management

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