Cloudera Now, our quarterly virtual event, is designed for all data practitioners including data scientists, data engineers, and analytics professionals who want to learn about our latest and greatest product innovations. Through comprehensive demos, customer use cases, and interactive Q&A, attendees will gain new skills and knowledge to bring back to their organizations.


Join us and be among the first to get early access to products, code drops, and sneak previews of new technologies. Can’t make it? You’ll be able to access all content on-demand to view at your convenience.

What you can expect from Cloudera Now

Drive results with the only open data lakehouse for trusted AI

With emerging technologies like large language models (LLM) and real-time self-service analytics at scale, your business requires the most advanced open data lakehouse to power fast and complete data workflows at the lowest cost. From data movement to AI and beyond, get everything you need to drive business impact at Cloudera Now.

Practical knowledge you can use

Whether you’re migrating to CDP Private Cloud or just starting your journey with Cloudera, take the guesswork out of implementing the latest updates and start delivering business impact fast.  Step-by-step walkthroughs, led by Cloudera experts, will help take your analytics and AI capabilities to new heights with practical implementation and optimization knowledge you can use today. Learn how to understand and optimize Cloudera Data Platform deployments across your data lakehouse, including how to deliver a scalable, open lakehouse that can deliver real-time insights on your most important streaming workloads.

Product demos

See demonstrations of new products, including the latest Applied ML Prototypes and Apache Iceberg capabilities. Learn how we integrate with partners like AWS and Pinecone to enable trusted AI at scale — from LLMs to AI applications and whatever comes next. Discover how to simplify your streaming data workloads with Apache Flink and Iceberg. And don’t miss other great demos, like how to implement the most cutting-edge Apache Iceberg features.

Interactive Q&A sessions

Whether you’re looking to advance your ML capabilities, make data workflows fast and versatile with Apache Iceberg, or create transparent, observable data flows, we’ve got answers to all your questions. Join a Q&A session to ask Cloudera product experts anything and everything you can think of about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


90 minutes total

Streamline LLM Business Use Case Customization with New Applied ML Prototypes

Robert Hryniewicz - Director of Product Marketing, AI

Jake Bengtson - Technical Evangelist Director

Cloudera's Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) offer a suite of enterprise-ready, one-click deployable AI applications that can be easily tailored to specific business use cases with customer-relevant data.

This session dives into four new AMPs that demonstrate how to customize large language models (LLMs) with enterprise data using varied methodologies to assure contextually accurate outputs from these models. 

Cloudera has partnered with Pinecone and AWS  for a best-in-class suite of platform capabilities,  providing flexibility, performance, and compute options to quickly bring new LLM-powered applications online.

In this session you will learn:

  • About the LLM-specific application prototypes that come standard with Cloudera Machine Learning service

  • How to quickly get started and deploy these LLM applications in your environment and build contextually rich applications, such as document summarizers, chatbots, and code assistants

  • What to consider in a broader context of LLM application development - from RAG architecture to fine-tuning, to hosting your own applications or using third-party services

Apache Iceberg’s best-kept secrets — Cutting edge capabilities in Cloudera’s open data lakehouse

Navita Sood - Director of Product Marketing, MDA

Jonathan Ingalls - Principal Solutions Engineer

Apache Iceberg is a revolutionary force transforming data architectures to democratize data and AI for all. Its engine-agnostic capabilities and underlying architecture make it easy for data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers to easily access data and be more productive with their preferred tool of across diverse business use cases in every industry. 

Whether you are new to Apache Iceberg or are already implementing it in your organization, join us to explore essential Apache Iceberg secrets and hidden gems provided with the integration of Iceberg into Cloudera’s open data lakehouse. In this session you will learn:

  • How to implement the most cutting-edge features — From Iceberg replication to branching and tagging, to zero-copy cloning, data sharing, and role-based access of data

  • How all these capabilities (and more) boost performance, drive efficiency, reduce storage costs, and guarantee security and governance of overall data

  • How to unleash the full potential of Apache Iceberg in your organization and learn about real customer production use cases and their business impact

Simplifying Streaming Data with Flink and Iceberg for Your Business

Chris Joynt - Product Marketing Manager DiM

Steve Mattison - Senior Sales Engineer

Applications and users continue to demand more real-time data for growing business use cases.  Streaming architectures have emerged to provide connective tissue between data producers and consumers but can grow quite complex as organizations scale.  That complexity leads to high costs, inefficient use of resources, difficulty making changes, and inaccessibility of streaming data for analysis.  By adding Flink to process and reduce the amount of data streamed and Iceberg to offload storage of streaming data to a much more efficient storage layer, organizations can simplify their data architecture while providing much greater access to data and business flexibility.   What’s best is they’re already integrated to make it easy to use together!

    Join us as we walk through some common use cases for Flink + Iceberg:

  • High-speed lakehouse ingestion of streaming data 

  • Smarter event-driven applications

  • Real-time data products 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how Flink and Iceberg can simplify your data infrastructure, empowering your organization to harness the full potential of real-time data.


Santiago Giraldo Sr. Director, Product Marketing - Hybrid Data Services
Robert Hryniewicz Director, Product Marketing, Cloudera
Navita Sood Director Product Marketing, MDA
Chris Joynt Director Product Marketing, Data in Motion

Not sure? Check out what past attendees have to say about Cloudera Now

Amazing presentation of some genuinely out of the box feature sets.”


- Independent Consultant


Great webinar, well-tailored for tech and ease to business implementation.”


- Desert Consulting


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