Cloudera Now, our premiere technology innovation event is designed for all data leaders and practitioners including data managers, data scientists, data engineers, and analytics professionals who want to learn about cutting-edge products and approaches to delivering business impact from your data. Through comprehensive demos, customer use cases, and interactive Q&A, attendees will gain new skills and knowledge to bring back to their organizations.


Join us and be among the first to get early access to products, code drops, and sneak previews of new technologies. Can’t make it? You’ll be able to access all content on-demand to view at your convenience.

What you can expect from Cloudera Now

Drive results by accelerating complete data workflows for powering Gen AI use cases and beyond.

With emerging technologies like large language models (LLM) and real-time self-service analytics at scale, your business requires streamlined and fast workflows at the lowest cost. Powered by the most advanced open data lakehouse with Apache Iceberg, get everything you need to drive business impact from your data.

Never before seen product demos

See demonstrations of new and emerging products, including the latest AI assistant capabilities, Accelerators for ML Projects, and new Apache Iceberg capabilities. Learn how we integrate with partners like AWS and Pinecone to enable trusted AI at scale — from LLMs to AI applications and whatever comes next. Discover how to move from raw data to automated AI applications with ease.

Practical knowledge you can use!

Whether you’re migrating to CDP Private Cloud or just starting your journey with Cloudera, take the guesswork out of implementing the latest updates and start delivering business impact fast. Step-by-step walkthroughs, led by Cloudera experts, will help take your analytics and AI capabilities to new heights with practical implementation and optimization knowledge you can use today.

Interactive Q&A sessions

Learn from proven industry experts and practitioners. Whether you’re looking to advance your ML capabilities, make data workflows fast and versatile, or streamline operations, we have answers to all your questions. Join a Q&A session to ask Cloudera product experts anything and everything you can think of about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


90 minutes total

7 Apache Iceberg best practices for a secure, performant Open Data Lakehouse

Navita Sood - Director of Product Marketing, Modern Data Architectures

Do you want your analytics to perform 40%-50% faster? We will take you on a journey to implementing these best practices that will accelerate your analytics, improve your data practitioner efficiency, and help you launch your AI projects faster. 

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to build a secure and high-performance data lakehouse with Apache Iceberg — the leading table format for organizing all your data.

  • Discover strategies to accelerate your queries, including partitioning, metadata caching, and row-level mutations.

  • Uncover best practices for optimizing storage through data compaction and storage architecture enhancements.  

These insights are designed to unify your data, enhance query performance, and bolster the reliability of your data, instilling trust among data analysts and scientists. As a bonus, we will provide you with a practical checklist to facilitate the creation and maintenance of Iceberg tables.

Through customer examples and live demonstrations, witness how these strategies can be applied in a Cloudera lakehouse environment. Join us and revolutionize the way you manage and utilize your data with Apache Iceberg.

AI Tooling in Cloudera Open Data Lakehouse

David Dichmann - Sr. Director of Product Management

We’ve been busy building generative AI assistant capabilities in the Cloudera Data Platform to make delivery of analytics and AI applications faster than ever. In this session, we will discover three new and game-changing AI assistant tools in Cloudera Data Platform to take your data workflows to the next level of productivity. You will:

  • Learn how to leverage the newly introduced SQL AI assistant capabilities to help anyone in your organization automatically create, edit, troubleshoot, explain, and optimize SQL queries using natural language.

  • Discover cutting-edge LLM chatbot capabilities in Cloudera Data Visualization automate data exploration and visualization of complex data easily in natural language

  • Be able to speed AI use case delivery with new LLM copilot tooling within Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) to intelligently assist you in data science and AI projects. 

These breakthrough features will accelerate time to value from analytics and AI applications while creating confidence in code fidelity and best practices.

Accelerating Data Workflows with Data in Motion on Kubernetes

Chris Joynt - Product Marketing Manager, Data in Motion

96% of organizations around the world are either using or planning to use Kubernetes for workloads and production applications in their enterprise. With Kubernetes, organizations can have cloud-independent flexibility that simplifies deploying and scaling workloads across any use case. These capabilities are available today in Cloudera’s DataFlow and real-time streaming products — enabling businesses across any cloud or data center to take advantage of the resource management and resilience that comes with containerized services.

In this session, we will explore how this new architecture will drive faster business results with optimized and streamlined workflows on any cloud.

You will learn:

  • How hybrid and multi-cloud portability make cost savings and meeting SLAs simple and effective

  • Detailed approaches to cluster sharing and cluster management to optimize data workflows in a containerized environment

  • How to leverage advanced auto-scaling of workloads and apps in real-time to deliver more timely insights faster

  • What's next…


Jacob Bengtson headshot

Jacob Bengtson
Principal Technical Evangelist

Navita Sood headshot

Navita Sood
Director Product Marketing, MDA

David Dichmann headshot

David Dichmann
Senior Director, Product Management

Chris Joynt headshot

Chris Joynt
Director Product Marketing, Data in Motion

Not sure? Check out what past attendees have to say about Cloudera Now

Amazing presentation of some genuinely out of the box feature sets.”


- Independent Consultant


Great webinar, well-tailored for tech and ease to business implementation.”


- Desert Consulting


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