This is the documentation for Cloudera 5.5.x. Documentation for other versions is available at Cloudera Documentation.

Configuring a Custom Java Home Location

Java, which Cloudera services require, may be installed at a custom location. Follow the installation instructions in:
If you choose to use a custom Java location, modify the host configuration to ensure the JDK can be found:
  1. Open the Cloudera Manager Admin Console.
  2. In the main navigation bar, click the Hosts tab and optionally click a specific host link.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. Select Category > Advanced.
  5. Set the Java Home Directory property to the custom location.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Restart all services.
  Note: This procedure changes the JDK for Cloudera Management Services and CDH cluster processes only. It does not affect the JDK used by other non-Cloudera processes.
If you don't update the configuration, Cloudera services will be unable to find this resource and will not start.
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