Hue Known Issues

Hue Load Balancer with TLS fails on peer Cloudera Navigator validation

If you are using CDH 5.11.x or lower and , you may experience failure of the Hue load balancer if you are using Apache HTTPD 2.4 or higher and TLS is enabled.

  1. In the Cloudera Manager Admin console, go to the Hue Service, and select Configuration > Load Balancer (under filters). Add the following line to the Load Balancer Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for httpd.conf property:
    ProxyPreserveHost Off
  2. Select the Hue Service-Wide filter and locate the Hue Service Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for hue_safety_valve.ini property and add the following lines:
  3. Click Save Changes.

Bug: None

HTTPD 2.4 breaks Hue high availability with SSLProxyPeerCN on

In HTTPD 2.2 and earlier versions, SSLProxyPeerCN is off. In HTTPD 2.4, SSLProxyPeerCN is turned on. This breaks Hue high availability and throws a proxy error.

Affected Versions: CDH 5.11.0 only

Workaround: Disable SSLProxyCheckPeerCN and SSLProxyCheckPeerName in httpd.conf:
  1. Log on to Cloudera Manager and go to Hue > Configuration.
  2. Search for Load Balancer Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for httpd.conf.
  3. Disable proxy peer checks by entering:
    SSLProxyCheckPeerCN off
    SSLProxyCheckPeerName off
  4. Save changes and restart Hue.

Installing Hue on Debian/Ubuntu may require manual restart

When you install or upgrade Hue from packages on Debian/Ubuntu, the system tries to restart the Hue service in between updating the apps. This causes Hue to start with an interface that could be missing some apps.

Affected Versions: CDH 5 Beta 2

Bug: None

Workaround: Restart Hue once the installation/upgrade is complete: sudo service hue restart.

Hue can hang or fail when SQLite database is overloaded

Hue can hang or fail because the SQLite database is overloaded, returning the error, database is locked.

Affected Versions: CDH 5.2.x and higher

Bug: None

Workaround: Do one of the following:
  • Increase the timeout setting in [desktop][[database]] in the Hue configuration file, OR
  • Install an external database. See Hue Custom Databases.

Icons Stop Rendering in IE11 Browser with HTTPS

When you use the back button in IE11 with https, some Hue graphics stop rendering. Add a load balancer to resolve.

Affected Versions: All CDH 5.x versions.

Bug: None

Workaround: Add a Hue Load Balancer:

  1. Log on to Cloudera Manager and click Hue.
  2. Select Actions > Add Role Instances.
  3. Click Select hosts in the field under Load Balancer Hue Load Balancer Role.
  4. Select a host and click OK.
  5. Check the Load Balancer box and select Actions for Selected > Start > Start.
  6. Click Save Changes and Restart Hue.

Importing Hue data to MySQL can cause columns to truncate

Importing Hue data to MySQL can cause columns to be truncated on import, displaying Warning: Data truncated for column 'name' at row 1

Affected Versions: CDH 4.6.x and higher

Bug: None

Workaround: In the /etc/my.cnf file, configure the database operation to fail rather than truncate data:

Hue does not support the Spark App

Hue does not currently support the Spark application.