Apache Oozie Incompatible Changes and Limitations

The following incompatible changes occurred between CDH 4 and CDH 5:
  • OOZIE-1680 - By default, at submission time, Oozie will now reject any coordinators whose frequency is faster than 5 minutes. This check can be disabled by setting the oozie.service.coord.check.maximum.frequency property to false in oozie-site.xml; however, Cloudera does not recommended you disable this check or submit coordinators with frequencies greater than 5 minutes. Doing so can lead to unintended behavior and additional system stress.
  • The procedure to install the Oozie Sharelib has changed. See Configuring Oozie for instructions.
  • The Oozie Sharelib should be updated to the one provided with the CDH 5 package. See Configuring Oozie.
  • The Oozie database schema has changed and must be upgraded. See Configuring Oozie for more details. To configure Oozie using Cloudera Manager see Managing Oozie.
  • An Oozie client running CDH 4 will not work with an Oozie server running CDH 5 when obtaining coordinator job information. Make sure you update all the Oozie clients (OOZIE-1482).
  • In CDH 4, subworkflows inherit all JAR files from their parent workflow by default. In CDH 5, this has changed so that subworkflows do not inherit JAR files by default, because the latter is actually the correct behavior. Cloudera recommends that you rework workflows and subworkflows to remove any reliance on inheriting JAR files from a parent workflow. However, setting oozie.wf.subworkflow.classpath.inheritance in job.properties or oozie.subworkflow.classpath.inheritance to true in oozie-site.xml will restore the old behavior. For more details, see the Sub-workflow Action documentation

As of CDH 5.2.0, a new Hive 2 Action allows Oozie to run HiveServer2 scripts. Using the Hive Action with HiveServer2 is now deprecated; you should switch to the new Hive 2 Action as soon as possible.

CDH 5.4.0 introduces sharelib packaging changes: the sharelib was previously shipped as a pair of tarballs, oozie-sharelib-yarn.tar.gz and oozie-sharelib-mr1.tar.gz. As of CDH 5.4.0, it is shipped as a pair of directories, oozie-sharelib-yarn and oozie-sharelib-mr1. They are still installed in /usr/lib/oozie/ in a packages distribution, and in /lib/oozie in a parcels distribution.