Using the CDH 5 Maven Repository

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Maven Changes for HBase Applications

CDH 5 introduces a new layout for HBase build artifacts and requires POM changes if you use Maven, or JAR changes otherwise.

Previously, in CDH 4 you only needed to add a dependency for the HBase JAR:
  <groupId> org.apache.hbase </groupId> 
  <artifactId> hbase </artifactId> 
  <optional> true </optional> 
Now, when building against CDH 5 you will need to add a dependency for the hbase-client JAR. The hbase module continues to exist as a convenient top-level wrapper for existing clients, and it pulls in all the sub-modules automatically. But it is only a simple wrapper, so its repository directory will carry no actual jars.
If your code uses the HBase minicluster, you can pull in the hbase-testing-util dependency:

If you need to obtain all HBase JARs required to build a project, copy them from the CDH installation directory (typically /usr/lib/hbase for an RPM install, or /opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/lib/hbase if you install using Parcels), or from the CDH 5 HBase tarballs. However, for building client applications, Cloudera recommends using build tools such as Maven, rather than manually referencing JARs.