Apache Sentry Incompatible Changes

  • CDH 5.1 introduces a new privilege model in Sentry. This introduces a backward incompatible change for Impala. Creating a new object now requires the ALL privilege on the parent object. For example, creating a database now requires server-level privileges (previously needed database-level) and creating a table requires database-level privileges (previously needed table-level).
  • Upgrading Sentry from a release earlier than CHD 5.2 to CDH 5.2 or later entails a schema upgrade to the Sentry database; for more information see Upgrading Sentry or Upgrading CDH and Managed Services Using Cloudera Manager.
  • As of CDH 5.3, MSCK REPAIR TABLE now requires ALL privileges for the table (previously this statement required ALL privileges on the parent database for the table).