How to Enable and Use Navigator in Hue

This page assumes that Cloudera Navigator was installed, either during CDH installation, or by adding roles for the Metadata and Audit servers to the Cloudera Management Service.

Include Cloudera Navigator when Installing CDH

Add Roles for Navigator Metadata Server and Navigator Audit Server to CMS

Enable Navigator in Hue

To use Navigator in Hue, you must give the Hue server access to the Navigator administrator account.

For example, to use Hue and Navigator independently of each other, LDAP users must set external LDAP credentials for both Hue and Navigator. To use Navigator in Hue, each Hue server must have access to the Navigator URL with Navigator administrator credentials. That is what we are enabling here.

  1. Log on to Cloudera Manager and click Hue.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Filter by scope=Service-wide and category=Cloudera Navigator.
  4. Check two properties:
    • Enable Navigator Metadata Server Integration
    • Enable Audit Collection
  5. Select one authorization method for Navigator Metadata Server Auth:
    • Cloudera Manager (generates and encrypts credentials, and recycles them on reboot)
    • LDAP (and set Navigator Metadata Server LDAP User and LDAP Password)
    • SAML (and set Navigator Metadata Server SAML User and SAML Password)
  6. Click Save Changes and Restart Hue.
  7. Log on to Hue Hue by selecting Hue Web UI.
  8. Log on to Cloudera Navigator from the Clusters drop-down.

Tag Metadata with Navigator in Hue

Prepare Hue Tables

Install sample tables and refresh Impala metadata.
  1. Log on to Hue Hue by selecting Hue Web UI in Cloudera Manager.
  2. Go to About Hue > Step 2: Examples and install sample tables for Hive and Impala.
  3. Go to Query Editors > Impala and click the refresh icon Hue Refresh icon.
  4. Select Perform incremental metadata update to display sample tables.
  5. Go to Metastore Tables Manager and click the refresh icon Hue Refresh icon.

Tag Database, Table, and Field

  1. In Metastore Tables Manager, click the default (or some other) database.
  2. Add database tag: Hover over TAGS, click the edit icon Hue Edit icon, enter a tag of your choice, and save.
  3. Add table tag: Click a table name (such as "customers"), hover over TAGS, and repeat.
  4. Add field tag: Click the "show details" icon Hue Show Details icon (i) by a column name and repeat in the context popup.

Search Metadata with Navigator in Hue

The Navigator search field can be accessed in the Metastore Tables Manager and both Hive and Impala editors.
  1. Go to Query Editors > Impala.
  2. Search on "type:field tags:" in the Navigator search field.

  3. Create a view of customers named David:
  4. Search on "davids". You should see, No recent match found, until Navigator can process the new view.
  5. Log on to Cloudera Navigator at http://<cloudera manager hostname>:7187.
  6. On the Search tab, select type=View. When you see "davids," return to Hue and retry your search.
  7. To see your tags in Cloudera Navigator, click Add New Value under tags.