Managing Cloudera Search

Use the solrctl utility to manage a SolrCloud deployment. You can manipulate SolrCloud collections, SolrCloud collection instance directories, and individual cores.

A SolrCloud collection is the top-level object for indexing documents and providing a query interface. Each collection must be associated with an instance directory. Different collections can use the same instance directory. Each collection is typically replicated among several SolrCloud instances. Each replica is called a core and is assigned to an individual Solr service. The assignment process is managed automatically, although you can apply fine-grained control over each individual core using the solrctl core command. A typical deployment workflow with solrctl consists of:

  • Establishing a configuration.
    • If using Configs, creating a config from a config template.
    • If using instance directories, generating an instance directory and uploading the instance directory to ZooKeeper.
  • Associating a new collection with the name of the config or instance directory.