See the power of private and public cloud in action

Times of change bring opportunity. People and organisations that seize the moment thrive in unpredictable environments. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital disruption and highlighted that the importance of data to business has never been more critical. Organisations that have flourished adopted technological innovations, enabling them to respond effectively, at scale by successfully harnessing the power of their data.

As global economies and organisations return to growth, there is an opportunity for all of us to build choice, flexibility and security into our data and analytics, adapting quickly to changing needs. To minimise the impact of uncertainty, business organisations and governments need to actively expand how and where to successfully access and leverage data.

Join us at Cloudera Sessions 2021 to hear from industry experts, thought-leaders, and your peers about how to take advantage of the data opportunity. The agenda has been designed for you to learn how Hybrid delivers freedom of choice—private and public clouds, performance and cost management, security and self-service, flexibility and control. It looks like your job just got a whole lot easier.

Learn more about Cloudera Hybrid Cloud—The power of “and”.

  • SPEED AND CONTROL—THAT’S THE POWER OF HYBRID Find out how CDP Hybrid Cloud can deliver high-scale, real-time streaming capabilities by leveraging CDP’s new DataFlow service.

  • PERFORMANCE AND SCALE—THAT’S THE POWER OF HYBRID Learn how CDP Hybrid Cloud leverages both private and public clouds to optimise performance and scale, cost effectively, as needed.

  • FLEXIBILITY AND SECURITY—THAT’S THE POWER OF HYBRID Learn how CDP Hybrid Cloud provides you the freedom to move applications and data between the data centre and multiple public clouds.

Top 3 reasons to attend Cloudera Sessions 2021!


Hear from industry experts, thought-leaders, and your peers about how they use data-powered decisions to make better decisions faster. Learn how advances in data science, data engineering, AI & machine learning, streaming, and data warehousing will help you accelerate digital transformation in your organisation - in the cloud, on-premise or blending both in a hybrid approach.


Invite your colleagues to this free virtual conference, hosted for data professionals by data professionals. Cloudera Sessions 2021 will provide you and your colleagues with information and insights to adopt technology innovations that will enable you to respond in real-time with the right insights.


Engage with the full agenda of data evangelists and hear how data is transforming the world we live in and creating enormous value for businesses like yours. We will be covering topics from the edge to AI and what’s up ahead. Quite simply, if data matters to you, Cloudera Sessions is the event you cannot afford to miss.


5 min

Welcome & introduction

Robert Yue, Vice President & Managing Director ANZ, Cloudera

20 min

Keynote: The power of “and”, fuelling the evolution of the Enterprise Data Cloud

Mick Hollison, President, Cloudera

Adopting a Hybrid Data strategy is central to every business's digital transformation.

It will enable rapid adoption of new technologies and optimised economic models while ensuring the security and privacy of every bit of data.

Join Mick Hollison as he shares the power of  “and” in a hybrid data and analytics strategy, delivering today and adapting for future growth and change.

20 min

Roadmap: The evolution of the Enterprise Data Cloud

Fred Koopmans,  Senior Vice President, Product Management, Cloudera
Join Fred Koopmans as he looks at the future of hybrid data and analytics with the latest roadmap for the Cloudera Data Platform including the recent acquisitions of Cazena & Datacoral.

See new innovations that fuel your data and analytics outcomes. We’ll answer questions frequently asked by Cloudera APAC customers and share our excitement at the evolution of the industry’s first Enterprise Data Cloud.

20 min

Securing your data environment with Allianz

  • Katarina Dulanovic, General Manager Data Office, Allianz 
  • Renee Dvir, Solutions Engineering Manager ANZ, Cloudera 

Keeping your organisation’s data secure from intentional or accidental destruction, modification or disclosure, in today's digital age isn’t as easy as putting a lock on the file cabinet. With the collection of data comes responsibility and compliance regulations that govern the storage of personal data. But, It is entirely possible to implement a data security strategy that protects your organisation’s data without restricting employees or affecting productivity. Join Katarina Dulanvic and Renee Dvir as they share insights on how Allianz has successfully managed and secured their data with Cloudera CDP.

20 min

Keynote: Data in a world of disruption

Shawn Kanungo, Disruption Strategist 

Disruptors see the world differently. They bring unique viewpoints, technologies, talent and ideas from all over the world. But, to become part of the new breed of disruptors today, it requires us to abandon the set of ideas and practices that may have made us once successful.

To build both mindset and muscle around disruption, leaders will need to treat data as electricity, while at the same time, making room for magic in a world of uncertainty. We need to be bold, brave, and experimental.

In this rapid-fire presentation, shot completely in a 750-person empty theatre, Shawn Kanungo provides a bold roadmap for future disruptors.

20 min

Latest data & analytics market trends

  • Ganapathy Raman, Senior Solutions Engineer, Cloudera 
  • Peter Leckie, Senior Solutions Engineer, Cloudera 
  • Sourabh Ghose, Senior Solutions Engineer, Cloudera  

Data and analytics leaders must actively analyse how to leverage data trends to accelerate their capabilities to anticipate, pivot and respond. The Cloudera Solution Engineering team will share some of the data and analytics trends they have seen appearing in the field, and how some organisations are dealing with the disruptive change and radical uncertainty of COVID-19 and the opportunities that came as a result. 

20 min

Cloudera and AWS: A Journey to digital disruption

Stevie Walsh, Cloud Director APAC, Cloudera

20 min

Leveraging AI to become data-driven with CBA

  • Alex Burton, Consumer Data Officer, CBA Retail Bank
  • Daniel Hand, Field CTO APAC, Cloudera 

Many companies have adapted to a data-driven approach for operational decision-making. Data can improve decisions, but it requires the right processor to get the most from it. To fully leverage the value contained in data, companies need to bring artificial intelligence (AI) into their workflows.  In this session, Alex Burton, CBA and Daniel Hand, Cloudera will discuss how CBA Retail Bank has leveraged the power of AI to make better business decisions, faster.

20 min

Customers are evolving… are you?

  • Joe Rodriguez, Senior Managing Director, Financial Services, Cloudera 
  • Anthony Behan, Managing Director, Communications, Media & Entertainment, Cloudera

Maintaining market share is harder than ever and brand loyalty is a thing of the past. While consumers will sing a company’s praises when they are happy with services, pricing, and customer service – there is a huge risk of losing that customer to a competitor, in an instant, over the slightest issue. Customers today are better-informed and more connected to the world than ever before. They want access and accuracy at lightning-quick speed. And let’s face it, customers don’t tolerate perceived poor service, inflated pricing, or inferior products. Businesses have become entirely customer-focused because the customers are in charge and if a business doesn’t meet the consumer’s needs, someone else will… your nearest competitor is only one click away. Customer expectations are evolving and businesses must accelerate with them.  In this session, Joe Rodriguez and Anthony Behan answer important questions like: 

  • How do we keep up with the expectations of a new generation of customers? 
  • How do new trends, like crypto, play a role in the future of customer transactions? 
  • How can data play a role? 
  • Plus, they will share insights and experience on how Cloudera can help your business make good decisions in today’s highly volatile environment, to be ready for tomorrow.


Mick Hollison President, Cloudera
Fred Koopmans Senior Vice President of Product Management, Cloudera
Robert Yue Vice President & Managing Director ANZ, Cloudera
Shawn Kanungo Disruption Strategist
Daniel Hand APAC CTO, Cloudera
Stevie Walsh Cloud Director APAC, Cloudera
Renee Dvir Solutions Engineering Manager, Cloudera
Katarina Dulanovic General Manager Data Office, Allianz
Alex Burton Consumer Data Officer, CBA Retail Bank
Peter Leckie Senior Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
Ganapathy Raman Senior Solutions Engineer, Cloudera
Joe Rodriguez Senior Managing Director, Financial Services, Cloudera
Anthony Behan Managing Director for Communications Media & Entertainment, Cloudera


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