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Quality of care optimization

Apache Hadoop helps providers capture, combine, secure, and analyze bedside sensors, bio-monitor, HL7, FHIR, and other streaming and internet-of-things scale data feeds. Environmental and epigenetic factors such as ambient light and noise, stress, and clinical interventions represent examples of enriching data that Cloudera enables physicians, researchers, and others to easily and elastically add studies for evaluating ways to impact patient outcomes.

National children’s hospital applies enriched data analysis

Whole Genome Research

Analysis of the complete DNA sequence, whether whole genome, exome, methylation or multi-omics, puts us in reach of precision medicine for the first time. Hadoop can drive a hundred-fold improvement in expense over traditional high-performance compute approaches, and integrate with market-leading storage approaches. Cloudera enables to fastest path to merge omic data with clinical/phenotype data from any technology in the market.

Whole genome research drives healthcare to Hadoop

Population Health Management

By bringing together the world’s health data and making it secure, searchable, and available for a variety of analytic workloads by multiple users, organizations have begun to determine and prevent the most prevalent causes of illness, from readmission to risky lifestyles.

Cerner: Saving lives with big data analytics

Quest Diagnostics: Delivering Insights to Better Manage Diseases and Promote Wellness

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