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Customer Insights

Nearly half of telecoms operators believe that integrating data from multiple sources is their greatest barrier to obtaining a 360-degree view of their customers. Iteratively enrich data across all platforms for a true 360-degree view of the customer and building predictive models that indicate leading indicators of churn, saving billions in lost revenues, and enable a higher share of wallet by delivering a better customer experience and product personalization.

SFR improves the customer journey with Apache Hadoop

Real-time fraud detection for Telcos

Analytics Reduce Customer Churn in Telco 

Network Optimization

Bandwidth demand is growing 60% per year, leaving operators increasingly unable to respond to spikes. With an enterprise data hub, gain a real-time view to allocate network resources more efficiently, build predictive capacity models, and adopt a next-best-investment approach.

Capgemini and Cloudera deliver big data network optimization

Enterprise data hub in telecom: Three customer case studies

Data Monetization

Telcos have a rich and diverse source of insights into context-specific behaviors, customer preferences, and online interactions. Build revenue-generating analytics-as-a-service and information brokerage capabilities on a platform with complete data security and governance.

Nokia uses big data to bridge the virtual and physical worlds

Key big data use cases for Telcos

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