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Enabling Digital Life in the Network Cloud

In post-pandemic life, communications and content services have become increasingly dependent on networks. Connectivity is no longer a mere convenience—having a poor quality connection is simply not acceptable. Cloudera processes petabytes of information every day to power real time analytics with ML and AI. For service providers, it's a single pane of glass, across public and private data clouds, giving you a 360 degree view of the business.

Key Use Cases
  • Customer Analytics

Customer analytics

Understanding and optimizing the customer experience is key to maintaining market differentiation and improving the lifetime value of the customer.

With Cloudera, you can curate the right data sets and create a true 360-degree view of your customers, interaction channels, products, lines of business, and more. Customer profiles and usage data, network performance metrics, location data, and social media streams all enable personalized, targeted marketing and enhance the end-to-end customer experience. 

Service Assurance

Service assurance—fault management and prediction, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance—historically have required multiple point solutions.

But with Cloudera Data Platform, you gain new insights, understanding not just that a fault was identified and prioritized, but why it happened. By employing advanced analytics and ML across the infrastructure, you have a clear view of repeating patterns and can effectively apply predictive maintenance. This same ML-powered platform enables strategies for prioritizing 4G/5G network expansion.

Total experience management

Customer relationships go beyond churn: It’s critical to understand and optimize every customer engagement for a “good” experience, and potential up-sell. They tell their friends and family, whether the experience is positive or negative, and they can either drive or challenge your business growth.

Cloudera lets service providers model their customer and employee experience, measuring key indicators including sentiment, advocacy, and loyalty. Build the models, measure, automate, and optimize. Move from mere chatbots to intelligent optimized interactions, across multiple channels with sustained positive outcomes.

Security & privacy analytics

Today, telcos are migrating IT to the public cloud and find themselves in a complex hybrid data cloud environment. Across the board, this brings both security and privacy issues. These multiple data environments all need to abide by the same security access rules. And second order analytics must have consistent privacy rules across clouds.

Cloudera provides a single data governance environment to manage multiple workloads in a multi-cloud setting. Each of these unique data workloads requires robust governance with holistic security and privacy management capabilities.

Digital ecosystems & service innovation

Telcos vitally participate in today’s AI ecosystems, from digital marketing and advertising to ADAS automotive and smart cities. As the connectivity layer for IoT and the edge, they are an integral piece of the puzzle.

Cloudera enables telcos to contribute data, analytics, monetization solutions, and infrastructure—all with comprehensive governance.

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