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Data-Driven transformation for Telcos

Our connected data platform lets you ingest staggering amounts of data and transform it into actionable insights. We can help you ingest  and store data effectively and affordably to achieve 360° views of customers, analyze call records, process billions of events, improve network performance, or launch new services  by analyzing sensor data from IoT and connected devices.

Key Use Cases
  • Churn analytics
  • Network optimization
  • Customer experience management
  • Security and fraud analytics
  • IoT & connected ecosystems

Churn analytics

With its direct impact on revenues, churn continues to be a key area of focus for service providers globally.

Cloudera provides the platform and the tools needed to ingest, process, aggregate, and analyze both structured and unstructured telecommunications data analytics streams, in real-time, to predict and prevent churn. These churn prediction models in-turn, allow Telcos to identify “at-risk” customers, predict the next best course of action, and proactively reach out to them with targeted retention programs.

Network optimization

Network performance flows right into the bottom line.

Using our connected data platform, operators can identify network problems in real time to resolve issues faster and more reliably. With Cloudera, service providers can gain a real-time view of the network to allocate resources more efficiently, build dynamic capacity models, predict potential failures, and adopt a next-best-network-investment strategy.

Customer experience management

Drive a higher share of wallet by delivering a better customer experience and product personalization. The Cloudera data platform helps you build a true Customer 360, by integrating customer information across multiple channels, systems, devices and products. Combining huge volumes of geolocation data with other internal and external data streams lets you fire up marketing campaigns and promotions, do targeted micro-segmentation, and implement location-based and real-time marketing programs.

Transforming customer experience with data & analytics

Cloudera Can Help

How Cloudera Helps Telecom Company Monetize Its Data

Pinsight Media create a single view of user behaviors across mobile devices and operating systems.

Security and fraud analytics

From cyber threats, to fraud, to ever-changing compliance regulations, you need to increase visibility and unlock the power of machine learning and advanced telecommunications data analytics to protect your business.

Use Cloudera data platform and the power of machine learning to detect fraud in real time, identify known and net new attacks, and take action immediately. You can use the same platform to manage Cybersecurity and detect anomalies in real-time to fend off advanced threats. Extend your business to provide security services to other organizations.

Mitigate cybersecurity, fraud, and compliance risks with advanced analytics

IoT & connected ecosystems

Unlock new revenue engines and offer compelling new services around IoT and connected digital ecosystems.

Cloudera provides the platform to easily ingest, process, analyze, monetize, and effectively roll out data-driven IoT use cases. From telematics and fleet management to connected vehicles and smart cities,  communication service providers are leveraging the power of Cloudera Data Platform to quickly launch and roll out cutting-edge IoT use cases.

Learn more about Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) for IoT

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Reducing revenue loss from fraud by up to 20 percent

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Solution Brief

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