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Customer Insights

Gain a complete 360-degree view of your customer and you create new opportunities. Marketing, sales, and customer service can all be optimized. By understanding how individual customers consumption needs are unique, you can provide the best customer experience and provide recommendations to help reduce costs.

Opower generates big savings in home energy

Smart Meter Analytics

As massive volumes of machine-generated data from smart meters becomes readily available, utilities can use that data to detect patterns in consumption.  Through improved analytics they can optimize energy distribution, making the most efficient use of their resource pool.

Read how smart meters are creating new opportunities for utilities

Operational efficiency for plants and grids

Parallel processing systems make it more efficient to make sense of vast seismic data, and Apache Hadoop is the most cost-effective, scalable parallel processing system today. Cloudera helps energy and utilities companies deploy and manage seismic data processing solutions on Hadoop so they can ask bigger questions in order to find and maximize energy resources.

Seismic data science: reflection seismology and Hadoop

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