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Powering public sector data transformation: 40+ global governments rely on Cloudera

Whether it’s defending the homeland, identifying waste fraud and abuse of resources, enabling a smart city, or powering university medical research—tapping the transformative power of public sector big data business intelligence is key to modernization. Government needs a modern data platform with enterprise-class security and governance, multi-function data analytics, an elastic cloud experience and no silos and no lock-in. Ever.

Key Use Cases
  • ML for defense
  • Cybersecurity for government
  • Smart cities and IoT
  • Fraud, waste and abuse
  • Proactive and predictive support

ML for defense

Whether they roll, fly, or float, defense forces are finding new opportunities and efficiencies through the data insight. Data-driven logistics puts fuel and supplies where needed. Predictive maintenance keeps trucks rolling and aircraft in the air. And security data alerts agencies to cyberattack.

Homeland Security and Defense

Cloudera Can Help

The rise of the smart military base

Edge technologies are changing the way we run military bases and manage warfighters

How advanced data analytics drive DoD Modernization

Read more about how adopting a modern platform for machine learning and analytics, optimized for the cloud, supports the DoD with much-needed military intelligence.

Cybersecurity for government

Real-time collection, aggregation, and analysis of public sector security data can detect breaches from outside the network or from malicious insiders. Cloudera Cybersecurity Platform (CCP) enables a single view of risks, automates threat detection, and streamlines operations for a speedy response to threats. As a common framework underlying the SIEM environment, CCP allows government agencies to put data to work as a critical tool in the cybersecurity arsenal. Long-term analytics in turn enable the system to more readily identify potential anomalies that might otherwise go undetected.

Smart cities and IoT

Data powered cities can transform the way citizen services are delivered, while defense departments can track vehicles and unmanned surveillance tools to help ensure a safe and successful mission.  The use of sensors for data insight continues to expand across the public sector and has the power to more efficiently and effectively allocate resources when and where they are needed.

Working with images and videos at scale: solution for law enforcement

Improving DoD flight safety with sensor technology

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, is uncovering patterns in aircraft performance and parts that can help improve flight safety, optimize aircraft operations, and significantly reduce costs.

Smart Energy and Utilities

There is huge growth in data generated by utilities, including public utilities. It is more important than ever that utilities adopt a modern platform that enables smart technologies to take advantage of AI and ML.

Fraud, waste and abuse

The U.S. Government spends trillions of dollars on benefit programs annually but millions are improperly paid due to fraud, reducing the benefits to those citizens who most need support. By adopting a modern data platform, agencies can more effectively monitor for fraudulent claims and ensure that citizen services are not misused.

Proactive and predictive support

Government agencies are tasked with the challenge of migrating vast quantities of data and unlike commercial organizations government agencies often require an added level of security, as well as U.S. Citizen Based resources to ensure that critical data is kept out of harm’s way.

CSC: Software development company and systems integrator for the U.S. Government Intelligence Community (IC) and the Department of Defense (DoD)

Read the case study


MITRE: Improved safety, regulatory effectiveness and compliance

Read the case study

Patterns and Predictions

Patterns and Predictions (P&P) is a predictive analytics firm with a core technology that provides unstructured and linguistics driven prediction.

Read the case study

Solution Brief

Collaborative Advanced Analytics & Data Sharing Platform (CAADS™)

Solution Brief

Data-driven transportation departments


Power your mission transformation with an enterprise data cloud

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