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In order to provide your customers with the best overall experience, you need to know them inside and out. That begins with data from customer interactions across all channels being collected, managed, and analyzed properly so it can reveal a deeper understanding of those customers.

The right insights make everything possible

Real-time customer insights should sit at the core of your decision-making processes because they provide the most up-to-date information you need to increase retention and loyalty, reduce customer acquisition costs, and, ultimately, drive profits. Unfortunately, because many businesses have their data spread out across multiple systems and the cloud, it becomes nearly impossible to meet customer expectations.

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Gain a true 360-degree profile of your customer

Cloudera makes it easy to build a true 360-degree profile that dramatically increases your capacity to capture, grow, and retain customers—improving their journey through the entire sales funnel. Our enterprise-ready data management platform is powered by the open source Apache Hadoop community—Apache Spark, Impala, HBase, Kudu, and others—providing all the customer insight tools you need to extract the most value from your data. So when it comes time for you to make key business decisions, there’s no question you’re being guided by the most accurate and relevant information.

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See how customer insights affect your revenue potential

Your business’s revenue potential is directly tied to the quality of your customer insights. When you know your customer, you’ll improve cross-selling and upselling across multiple channels and your sales team will be better equipped to match your products to customers based on their unique wants and needs. Quality customer insights will even help you choose the right marketing channel so you can get the highest returns out of your investments.

Keep the customers you have while attracting new ones

Customer retention plays a major role in a company’s growth and stability because it’s a loyal customer base that helps a business weather market fluctuations. It also helps keep operational expenses low, especially when you consider that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer versus retaining an existing one. With Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub, you can count on higher customer retention and customer growth rates through use of sophisticated analytics techniques - Data Science and Machine Learning.


Data drives customer insights


Predict and prevent customer churn

Meet our certified customer insight partners

Our established ecosystem of IoT partners includes names like Tableau®, Zoomdata®, Datameer®, SAS®, and Qlik®, among many others. When you choose Cloudera, you’ll have today’s leading data professionals helping you turn your structured and unstructured data into strategic and profitable customer insights.

To learn more about the ways Cloudera’s data management platform can help you get the most valuable customer insights out of your data, give us a call today at 888-789-1488, or just complete our contact sales form for more information about our products, services, support, and training.

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