Cloudera makes bold bet on strategic acquisition of Verta’s Operational AI Platform

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Unleash the power of AI with Cloudera’s trusted open data lakehouse.

Cloudera provides the fastest route to achieving trusted and secure generative and predictive AI.

By facilitating effortless integration with any model alongside the latest AI innovations, we ensure your investment remains agile against the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Democratizing AI for enterprises to leverage all their data.

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Fast start your GenAI with a 15% discount

Your data is the differentiator.

Build AI that truly stands apart by creating your own contextualized large language models (LLMs) directly and securely with your proprietary data.

Enhance AI models with your proprietary data for unparalleled customization and relevance.

Achieve superior accuracy of AI solutions by leveraging context-specific insights.

Protect your competitive advantage by not sharing your data with third-party providers.

Trust your data so you can trust your AI.

Our commitment to trust starts with security and governance as the foundational layer of the open data lakehouse, encompassing all data and AI interactions.

Implement robust security for all AI interactions.

Employ governance encompassing the entire data and AI model lifecycle.

Maintain transparency and control over AI-driven decisions.

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How to Calculate Business Value and Cost for Generative AI Use Cases

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True hybrid: The best of both worlds

Cloudera and our partners deliver an end-to-end hybrid generative AI ecosystem.

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Easily integrate with any AI model or vector database while maintaining full control of your data.

Scale effortlessly as data volumes grow with a cost-effective hybrid architecture built on Apache Iceberg.

Accelerate experimentation and prototyping with Accelerators for ML Projects (AMPs).

Future-proof your investment with the latest AI innovations

Ensure your enterprise AI solutions are adaptable and future-ready with a platform designed to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving demands of the AI ecosystem.

Leverage the latest state-of-the-art AI models and frameworks.

Drive leadership in your markets by using proprietary data to drive differentiation with GenAI.

Speed time-to-market with a continuously growing collection of Accelerators for ML Projects (AMPs).

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Analyst report

10 Best Practices for Scaling Generative AI Across the Enterprise

Thumbnail image of 10 Best Practices for Scaling Generative AI Across the Enterprise gartner report

Enhancing banking experiences for customers with data and AI

Cloudera Data Platform was instrumental in driving the success of our AI/ML capabilities by helping us to meet the evolving needs of those who bank with us. We are excited to work with Cloudera to make AI and data analytics more accessible to every person at OCBC Bank.

—Donald MacDonald, Head of Group Data Office, OCBC Bank

To deliver innovative banking services, OCBC Bank turned to ML and AI to personalize offers and speed up interactions on their website using chatbots to assist with 10% of customer interactions.


Introducing Cloudera Observability Premium

Wim Stoop | Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Introducing Cloudera’s AI Assistants

Robert Hryniewicz | Monday, June 24, 2024

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