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Overview of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud

In this product demo, we cover key sections of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud, including its dashboard; ReadyFlow Gallery; and DataFlow Functions that can run NiFi flows in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform serverless compute environments.


Stream Processing


Brief overview of Cloudera Stream Processing

Cloudera Stream Processing lets developers and analysts build real-time data products using industry-standard SQL. In this demo, you will see SQL Stream Builder quickly transform Kafka topics into tables to be queried and SQL queries transformed into continuous Flink jobs. 


Data Engineering


Getting started with Cloudera Data Engineering

In this demo, see how platform administrators and data engineers can use Cloudera Data Engineering as an all-inclusive toolset to streamline ETL processes across enterprise analytics teams.


Data Warehouse


Accelerate analytics with Cloudera Data Warehouse

This demo shows how easy it is to get started with the Cloudera Data Warehouse. We’ll cover data ingestion, data security, running queries using our SQL editor, and optimizations for improving query performance using a simple business use case. 


Operational Database


Application development with Cloudera Operational Database

In this demo, we’ll cover Cloudera Operational Database and look at it as a backend for an automotive parts inventory application used by dealers and garages to check availability and allow them to purchase or return parts.


Machine Learning


Exploratory data science with Cloudera Machine Learning

In this video, we'll walk through an example of how to use Cloudera Machine Learning to explore, query, and build visualizations for data stored in your data warehouse. After you understand your data, we'll show you how you can connect to that data from CML using Python.

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