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Deliver true hybrid

Transform any data anywhere into insights you can trust with the only true hybrid platform for data, analytics, and AI.

Capitalize on the value of all your data.

Manage all your data—machine data, structured data, transactional data, unstructured data—anywhere. In public clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP. On premises in data centers. And at the edge.

Experience cloud-native data analytics for data distribution, data engineering, data warehousing, transactional data, data science, and machine learning that are portable across infrastructures.


Regardless of where your data is born or where it moves to, Cloudera enables you to have consistent data security and governance. So you can bring the right analytics to the right cloud at the right time.

Just imagine the possibilities.

Hybrid cloud adoption: A growing enterprise priority.

A singular focus on cloud overlooks a vast amount of enterprise data residing on premises. Organizations are realizing the value of a hybrid data platform that enables them to put all their data to work and make better decisions faster.


of organizations agree that multi-cloud and hybrid capabilities for data and analytics are key for an organization to adapt to change

Source: CIO Whitepaper, IDG Communications, 2024


of organizations said that governance and compliance is what’s holding back end-to-end data management

Source: CIO Whitepaper, IDG Communications, 2024


of organizations embrace multi-cloud (a combination of multiple private clouds, multiple public clouds, and hybrid cloud)

Source: Flexera, State of the Cloud Report, 2024

One platform for faster results.

Streamline your data management, analytics, and AI with the only hybrid, multi-cloud data platform. No more patchwork of point solutions that require integration and can’t support all your workloads.



Point data solutions
Hyperscale data solutions
Snowflake Databricks Microsoft Azure Synapse AWS Redshift Google BigQuery

Hybrid data management & analytics


Multi-cloud data management & analytics

Data pipeline for hybrid data—any data, any format

Limited data types

Limited data types

Only one cloud

Analytics, ML, streaming, visualization, tools, & APIs


Limited analytics

Limited analytics

Limited integration

Unified security, governance, & metadata management


Only Snowflake point solution

Only Databricks point solution

Limited integration

Data management at petabyte & exabyte scale

PB scale only

PB scale only

But only one cloud

Key elements of a true hybrid platform.

A distributed cloud model

True hybrid should operate as a single platform across private and public clouds and the edge so data and workloads move bi-directionally easily

Portable, interoperable data services

True hybrid encompasses the entire data lifecycle from ingestion to transformation, warehousing, and machine learning

Data services to address every eventuality

True hybrid can handle all data—structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.

A common set of tools

True hybrid cuts through the complexity, enabling the same tools to be used across environments

Cross-platform security and governance

True hybrid enables consistent security and governance across all environments

Open and extensible

True hybrid is ready for the future and capable of extending to new clouds as they emerge

What is true hybrid?

It’s more than just adopting hybrid cloud. Businesses need to go a step further. Find out what true hybrid entails.

True hybrid checklist thumbnail

Modern data architectures shoulder the complexity, so you don't have to.

Unified data fabric

Stay in control without hampering the speed of implementation thanks to consistent security and governance.

Learn more

Open data lakehouse

Enable multi-function analytics in a cloud-native object store across clouds and on premises, powered by Apache Iceberg.

Learn more

Scalable data mesh

Empower teams to deliver next-generation data applications more quickly, more easily, and more cost-effectively.

Learn more

In my estimation, Cloudera is the only game in town for end-to-end data management across hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises.

Patrick Moorhead, Cloudera – As The World Goes Hybrid, So Must Data Management, Forbes, Jan 11, 2023



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