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Faster development and deployment of mission-critical applications.

An operational database-as-a-service that brings ease of use and flexibility to Apache HBase, CDP Operational Database enables developers to quickly build future-proof applications that are architected to handle data evolution.

CDP Operational Database empowers developers to automate and simplify database management with capabilities like auto-scale, auto-heal, and auto-tune. It is fully integrated with Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), enabling end-to-end visibility and security with SDX as well as seamless integrations with CDP services such as CDP Data Engineering, CDP Machine Learning, and CDP Data Warehouse.

Use Cases

  • Build enterprise-class applications faster
  • Automate operations
  • Build future-proof applications

Build enterprise-class applications faster

Provision a new database in three clicks.

CDP Operational Database simplifies the process of deploying a database. Developers can easily provision a new database within minutes and start building applications.

Operational Database - reduce deployment time diagram

Automate operations

Eliminate operational overhead.

CDP Operational Database is autonomous. It can automatically improve database performance based on application requirements and can resolve failures without manual intervention. Additionally, it automatically scales up or down based on your application’s requirements, helping you optimize cloud costs.

Automate operations diagram

Build future-proof applications

Eliminate architectural redesigns with evolutionary schema. 

CDP Operational Database provides schema flexibility that ensures developers don’t spend months rearchitecting their application to support schema changes.

Key features

Cloudera Operational Database is an RDBMS with wide-column support and both SQL and NoSQL interfaces, providing developers the flexibility to select what’s best for them and for their applications when it comes to storing, indexing, and querying data.

Allow changes to data models without the need for complicated and costly application redesigns. That means developers don’t have to spend weeks designing a schema, only to change it again as the business evolves.

Enable near infinite scalability that scales up or down as your application needs, ensuring optimal responsiveness while eliminating complexities related to sizing and shard management.

Reduce overhead related to database operations management with auto-tune, which enhances database  performance, and auto-heal, which can detect and remedy failures.

Build applications once and deploy anywhere. CDP Operational Database supports active-active architectures across on premises and the cloud, across cloud regions, or across cloud vendors. With full compatibility with existing HBase deployments, customers can migrate to CDP Operational Database using real-time replication, enabling applications to migrate quickly and easily.

From a centralized interface, platform administrators can manage access and security, then quickly provision new workloads while easily monitoring capacity and visualizing resource usage over time. SDX also enables full lifecycle lineage tracking so you know where data came from and where it’s going.

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Case Study

Trucking Company saves $1.5M annually with CDP Operational Database


Cloudera Operational Database Datasheet


Create a Simple Web Application using Cloudera Operational Database

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