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Proactive Quality Assurance

Quality compliance costs 100 times more to correct a problem during maintenance than in pre-production. Reduce development timelines up to 50% with an enterprise data hub while responding to performance concerns in real-time and eliminating defects prior to manufacture.

Watch webinar on rethinking supply chain analytics

New Product Introduction

Broad, flexible demand signal repositories shorten the time to sense true market acceptance and improve product launch. Build a 360-degree view of the market opportunity, enriched with customer, channel, and supplier data for a collaborative approach to product development.

Intel: IoT in action

Supply chain & inventory optimization

Build a sophisticated system of forecasting and logistics models. An enterprise data hub serves as a real-time supply network, balancing lead times with demand signals, ERP and MES data, retail stock, inventory capacities, and supplier throughput for totally seamless operations.

Siemens Omneo’s EDH helps manufacturers save millions

Dell: Seeing the big picture

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