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Customer Insights

A 360-degree customer view drives down acquisition costs and increases lifetime value. Deliver contextually relevant experiences, personalized recommendations, and targeted offers by correlating behavior, transaction, and location data.

Marks and Spencer Develops Next Generation Analytics Capabilities with Cloudera

ShopperMotion Reinventing In-store Analytics to Give Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Meaningful Insight

Quotient Increasing Sales by 230 Percent with Greater Customer Intelligence from Cloudera Enterprise

Supply chain & inventory optimization

Build a sophisticated system of forecasting and logistics models. An enterprise data hub serves as a real-time supply network, balancing lead times with demand signals, planogram and stock management, and historic event data for predictive inventory and responsive distribution.

Lineage Logistics - Rethinking Supply Chain Analytics webinar

Fraud Prevention & Compliance

No data strategy can be implemented without full privacy measures that prevent nefarious actors from accessing customers’ personally identifiable information. With the right tools, Hadoop is the best system for complying with an evolving set of security regulations at scale.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) done right with Cloudera

Build a PCI-compliant Hadoop environment with Cloudera and MasterCard

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