Cloudera makes bold bet on strategic acquisition of Verta’s Operational AI Platform

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Four of the top five technology companies run Cloudera

Tech start-ups and dominant industry mainstays have one thing in common—they've selected Cloudera as their strategic partner and/or vendor to provide a stable and reliable enterprise data cloud from which they can grow their business.

Key Use Cases
  • Improved supply chain operations
  • Enhanced cybersecurity
  • Customer analytics
  • Customer service monitoring and fraud prevention/detection

Improved supply chain operations

Delivering on-time to customers is critical to all companies.  This requires companies to have very efficient and effective supply chain operations with real-time insights into suppliers, assembly operations, customers, testing/defect monitoring and repair centers. 

This very quickly can become complex when information and data can be stuck in legacy data marts, inventory systems, ordering and procurement. Additionally, customer delivery schedules can change requiring potential expediting of orders and logistics.  Having real-time updates and alerts is crucial to effectively manage the supply-chain and customer relationships.

Enhanced cybersecurity

Sophisticated firms are using Cloudera to secure their networks and prevent threats; with the ability to capture and process detailed data, these companies are able to compare experimental results with simulations that leverage actual recorded data. They also deploy large testing sandboxes for research and development and real-time fraud detection engines to catch bad behavior in flight.

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Customer analytics

Technology has finally advanced to the point where marketers can use real-time data in a way that is both meaningful to customers and profitable for companies. We’ve come a long way from “People who bought this, also bought that.”  Technology companies quickly need to understand what customers think about their products and services and need to take action before a customer has a problem and communicates it to the world!

Customer service monitoring and fraud prevention/detection

The ability to provide superior customer service is critical to a company’s success.  While at the same time there can be instances of fraudulent behavior by bad ‘actors’. Companies need to balance the two business processes to ensure positive service and corresponding customer ratings while not impacting financial performance and profits.

Transforming Data into a Strategic Asset with an Enhanced IT Platform

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Cybersecurity for the C-Suite

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