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Cloudera recognized as a leader in Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility.

Cloudera Data Warehouse

A modern data warehouse that delivers an enterprise-grade, hybrid cloud solution designed for self-service analytics.

Traditional data warehouses are inadequate to meet the increased scale and analytics demands that growing businesses are experiencing. Cloudera Data Warehouse is powerful, scalable, and affordable—enabling organizations to share petabytes of data across thousands of users with the security, governance, and availability that large enterprises demand.

A modern data warehouse has the flexibility to play the role of traditional data warehouse, data lake, data mart, and whatever comes next.

 Cloudera Data Warehouse delivers:

  • Traditional data warehouse functions for BI reporting and modeling
  • Data analytics for structured data, machine logs, text and IoT data
  • On-demand self-service data access that encourages collaboration
  • Support for diverse groups of users with varying levels of analytical skills
  • Interoperability with machine learning engines and algorithms for easier experimentation
  • Hybrid choice to run on-premises, on public clouds or any combination
  • Security, control and governance for diverse data and analytics

Key use cases

  • Augment what you’re doing today and relieve unnecessary EDW pressure

  • Decrease storage costs and focus on high-value reporting

  • Discover how unlimited scale keeps data accessible and out of archive

  • Eliminate contention and meet SLAs for routine reporting

  • Enable ad hoc and exploratory analytics for new insights

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Operations data warehouse
  • Manage fast, flexible ETL over large data volumes, so data is always ready for your business.

  • Large unstructured data volumes of any type, such as web, log, and IoT data

  • Distributed processing and best-of-breed technologies for the fastest performance

  • Prepared data available immediately for analytics with shared storage and metadata

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Research & discovery data warehouse
  • Support high-performance, ad hoc access for more users.

  • No rigid data modeling encumbrances for agile acquisition

  • Interactive responses for iterative exploration and modeling

  • Ability to handle all BI and SQL users and integrate with the leading BI tools

  • Easy addition of nodes to handle more data and users

See what it can do

Cloudera is the only modern data warehouse trusted by nearly 900 of the largest enterprises to handle data workloads routinely exceeding 50 PB serving clusters with hundreds of compute nodes.

Key capabilities

High-performance SQL BI

Run millions of queries on petabytes of data without sacrificing performance or increasing cost.

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Hybrid cloud compute, storage, and control

Our unique H3 capability provides IT and business users with flexibility and choice that are unprecedented in data warehousing. Deploy and run your workloads when, where, and how it’s most convenient and cost-effective.

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Analytics for unstructured, log, & IoT data

Bring in more data from new sources, actively adjust models based on changing needs, and iteratively design for a variety of use cases.

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Data warehouse as-a-service

Enable high-performance self-service BI and analytics on demand, with the only cloud data warehouse service that brings the warehouse to the data— Cloudera Altus Data Warehouse.

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On-demand self-service access & exploration

Support high performance, ad hoc access for more users for faster time-to-insights. Deliver agile iterative data modelling and exploration for BI and SQL users with scalability and integration with leading BI tools.

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Extensible platform and partner ecosystem

Use the BI and data integration tools you prefer for an end-to-end data warehousing workflow—data migration, ingest, storage, curation, querying, monitoring, and workload optimization.

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Enterprise-grade open-source integration

We carefully curate, integrate, and support open-source tooling for a modern data warehouse. Our interactive SQL engine powered by Apache Impala delivers high-scale, high-concurrency queries. With Apache Kudu run discovery and operational workloads on fast changing and IoT data. Rapid ETL/ELT processing for data preparation is delivered through Apache Hive on Spark. Optimize search and discovery with Apache Solr. Interact with each of these analytics engines with an intelligent SQL Workbench powered by HUE.

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Security, control, and governance for diverse data and analytics

Unlike traditional analytics systems, Cloudera Data Warehouse goes beyond SQL to deliver insights that can be leveraged for machine learning and real-time operations. And also unlike traditional analytics systems, Cloudera Data Warehouse is built with Cloudera SDX, a shared data experience. SDX is a powerful software framework that applies a consistent set of security and governance policies—backed by a common data catalog—against diverse analytic workloads running in the cloud, on premises, or in hybrid environments. A Cloudera shared data experience makes it easier and safer to get the most from a modern data warehouse.

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Modern data warehouse fundamentals


Consolidate your data marts for fast, flexible analytics

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