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Even in a digital world, it's still about relationships

Whether you're focused on consumer or commercial banking, wealth management or capital markets, or all of the above, it’s all about relationships. You’ve got to find, secure, and deepen relationships while lowering risk and assuring compliance. Make your customers feel like you know them. Connect with them in the channel they are most comfortable with: mobile, online, phone, or branch agent.

Building trust and confidence increases the share of wallet and lifetime value. To achieve that on a global scale, you need to leverage big data and predictive analytics  using a proven modern hybrid data architecture platform from Cloudera.

Key Use Cases
  • Increase customer retention and profitability
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Reduce fraud and risk exposure
  • Modernize enterprise analytics

Increase customer retention and profitability

You already collect and store massive amounts of data that you can use to transform the customer experience.  And you are most likely utilizing machine learning and  predictive analytics to increase revenue and share of wallet, but you know you're just scratching the surface. A next-generation  hybrid data management platform from Cloudera can transform your Customer 360 vision into reality—in less time and cost—by leveraging all of your data as it is, where it is.

Improve regulatory compliance

GDPR, CCAR, BCBS239, FATCA, KYC, CAT, Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, CASL. These are just a few of an evolving set of regulations within financial services demanding compliance. A modern hybrid data architecture from Cloudera lets you maintain comprehensive audit trails—at scale—while making all your data available for analysis.

Reduce fraud and risk exposure

New technologies that  leverage big data, machine learning, and predictive analytics, enable improved risk modeling and fraud detection. A hybrid cloud data management platform lets you implement them faster and more seamlessly for better data-driven decisions.

Implementing fraud and financial crime solutions  using a hybrid data architecture, lets you deliver faster, more flexible solutions to achieve necessary protections and avoid significant losses. It also provides the information and enables the data science tools you need to reduce risk through risk modeling.

Extend your analytics toolkit with Cloudera and Simudyne Computational Simulation solution

Drive immediate actionable intelligence

Deliver a better customer experience, boost your operational efficiency and stay ahead of the competition using streaming data in your digital initiatives. Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) is a comprehensive edge-to-cloud real-time streaming data platform that collects, curates, and analyzes data to drive timely, relevant insights.

Cloudera DataFlow


Data marketplace unlocks value of customer and investment information

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Bank of England

Cloudera enables the Bank of England to efficiently collect datasets for research and analysis.

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YES BANK personalizes customer banking experience using machine learning and analytics

100's of TB analyzed daily

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