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Regulatory compliance

Enforce and scale compliance with an evolving set of regulations, from Dodd-Frank, CCAR and BCBS239 to Know Your Customer (KYC) and OATS. An enterprise data hub is the best system for maintaining comprehensive audit trails while making all your data available for analysis.  

Full-fidelity analytics and regulatory compliance

Cloudera and MasterCard Advisors PCI-compliant solution

MiFID II and Best Execution: The Challenges Ahead

Fraud prevention and AML

Detect and prevent fraud by enriching and analyzing full data sets at rest and streaming in real- time across systems. Build machine learning models that predict cybercrime, money-laundering, and insider threats faster and with near-perfect accuracy.

Anti-money-laundering and the Enterprise Data Hub

Finding fraud with Hadoop while saving $30 million

Western Union: Better predicting risk and enhancing AML compliance

Risk management

Modern risk systems must scale to incorporate both current policies and future standards as they evolve. With an enterprise data hub you can assess, model, and monitor portfolio risk to build real-time stress tests from tick data, past trades, machine logs, and social.

Customer Insights

A 360-degree customer view drives down acquisition costs, prevents switching, and increases lifetime value. Deliver contextually relevant experiences, personalized recommendations, and targeted offers by correlating behavior, transaction, and location data.

Experian gets a 360 degrees customer view

Customer profile: DBS Bank

Intel and Cloudera Customer 360 Solution for Financial Services



A modern cybersecurity platform for machine learning and advanced analytics. Cloudera’s cybersecurity solution, based on Apache Spot, empowers security operations centers to reduce the mean time to incident response with complete enterprise visibility, detect advanced threats faster via machine learning, and change the economics of cybersecurity by building on an open source platform.

Cloudera Cybersecurity Solution in Financial Services

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