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Cloudera’s future-proof infrastructure ensures you’re always protected against threats that are, by nature, constantly evolving. We’ll show your risk management department how to apply advanced analytics on massive amounts of data in a much shorter time span—significantly improving risk assessment processes.

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Cloudera’s cybersecurity solution

Cloudera empowers cybersecurity innovators to proactively secure the enterprise by accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response through machine learning and complete enterprise visibility. Cloudera’s cybersecurity solution, based on Apache Spot, enables anomaly detection, behavior analytics, and comprehensive access across all enterprise data. And our scalable, open platform allows you to build custom solutions and deploy packaged applications on top of one shared enriched data set.

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Risk modeling: turning risk into ROI

Your organization collects and creates vast amounts of diverse data, and every decision you make on storing, sharing, or using that data comes with its own set of risks. It’s up to your risk professionals to determine whether or not the potential returns are worth the risk exposures.

We employ Apache Spark to help you accurately estimate your “financial statistic value at risk,” or VaR. With Cloudera and Apache Spark, you can

gain a variety of actionable risk assessment measurements through a range of different VaR simulations, such as variance-covariance simulations, historical simulations, and Monte Carlo simulations, just to name a few. This deeper level of insight provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your risk threshold so you can make the decisions necessary for keeping your operational risks low and your data investment returns high.

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Solution Brief

Identifying fraud, managing risk and improving compliance

Our cybersecurity partners

Data security is our top priority. That’s why we’ve built an established ecosystem of certified cybersecurity partners that help solidify our stance as an industry-leading data vault platform. With names like Intel®Datameer®CounterTack®E8 Security, and Securonix as our partners, you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you have today’s brightest and most talented security professionals working around the clock to keep your data secure.

We simplify the process of making big data and advanced analytics the foundation of your plan. Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub enables you to not just use data in entirely new and strategic ways, but to help detect (and respond to) serious threats significantly faster. To learn more about how we can help you lower business risk, give us a call today or contact sales for more information about our products, services, support, and training.


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