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Mitigate cybersecurity, fraud, and compliance risks from the Edge to AI


Bring the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to protect your business

As your business continues to become hyper-connected and digitally transformed, enterprise risk continues to increase. From expanding cyber threats within edge and hybrid IT ecosystems, to fraud, to ever-changing compliance regulations, you need to increase visibility and unlock the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to reduce enterprise exposure and regulatory risk. We can help.

Key use cases
  • Cybersecurity
  • Risk Modeling & Analysis
  • Financial Crime Prevention
  • Compliance


Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) empowers your SOC and compliance teams with faster and more advanced anomaly detection, behavior analytics, and multi-dimensional visibility. With its cyber-specific capabilities, CDP enhances threat prevention across your entire enterprise data landscape. Leveraging Cloudera's high performance, scalability, and reliability open platform, you can stay ahead with real-time and time-series threat analysis and response protocols.

CDP enables you to deploy both packaged applications and custom solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring optimal performance. By leveraging one shared, enriched, and secure data set, you gain increased threat visibility while reducing the workload management tasks of your SIEM. This results in improved efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).


Risk modeling & analysis

Modern enterprise risk systems must scale and adapt to incorporate current and future standards as they evolve. With an enterprise data hub you can gain visibility and control of risk across geographies and across divisional boundaries for better business decisions and faster regulatory compliance.

Lowering Business Risk with Data

Cloudera Can Help

Computational Simulation (Simudyne)

Simulate complex business scenarios at massive scale using agent based modeling and other computational simulation techniques.

Financial crime prevention

Financial crime prevention costs businesses billions of dollars every year, not just from direct losses but also in terms of regulatory fines, reputational damage, and technology spend. Unleashing the power of big data and machine learning is the only cost-effective way to protect yourself from known and unknown threats, and keep up with regulatory changes. Fighting financial crime with solutions based on Cloudera unlocks larger volumes of diverse data to open up advanced analytics that accelerate detection and resolution.


Regulations change more often than ever and making changes in a timely manner has been challenging. With the solution from Cloudera and partners, many processes can be streamlined and accelerated, leading to more agility and faster compliance.

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Cloudera Can Help

Simplify your Response to GDPR Compliance

Detect breaches, apply controls, review data lineage, and perform audits by including Cloudera’s unified platform as part of your GDPR compliance program.

MasterCard: Creating new revenue streams with an advanced anti-fraud solution

Saw a 5x increase in the number of searches supported annually

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Deutsche Telekom

Reduced revenue loss by 10 to 20 percent by detecting fraudulent activities in real time.

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Leverage hybrid cloud for international data privacy compliance


Lowering business risk with Cloudera


Data Privacy as a Core Business Process

Solution Brief

Moving Towards the Next Gen Financial Crimes Platform

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