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5x increased number of searches supported annually

Key Highlights


Financial Services


  • MasterCard’s homegrown RDBMS lookup solution, based on phonetic matching, was no longer the best option to satisfy the growing and increasingly complex needs of MATCH (MasterCard Alert to Control High-risk Merchants) users

Solution highlights

  • Apache Hadoop Platform: Cloudera Enterprise, Data Hub Edition
  • Apache Hadoop Components: Apache Solr, Cloudera Search, Hue
  • Cloudera Professional Services

Applications supported

  • Anti-fraud solution, Online search


  • Dramatically improved search accuracy
  • 5X increase in number of searches supported annually
  • 25X increase in searches per customer daily
  • Increased revenue through new market expansion

With the latest technology from Cloudera in hand, and decades of experience in delivering data-driven business value, MasterCard is building a new generation of products and services to make smart decisions with big data. For example, using a Cloudera enterprise data hub and Cloudera Search, MasterCard is helping financial organizations quickly and easily identify fraudulent merchants to reduce risk.


MasterCard operates the world’s fastest payments processing network, delivering the products and services that make everyday commerce activities—such as shopping, traveling, running a business, and managing finances—easier, more secure, and more efficient.

To help financial institutions better evaluate a merchant’s credit risk, MasterCard created an anti-fraud solution called MATCH (MasterCard Alert to Control High-risk Merchants). The MATCH database maintains data on hundreds of millions of fraudulent businesses. MasterCard acquirers submit nearly one million inquiries to the database each month. They can search the database for each potential merchant or send MasterCard a bulk file of merchant names to perform a batch search on their behalf.

The solution’s success is based on proprietary MasterCard data, customer inquiry response time, and accuracy of the search results. As the volume of data in its platform grew over the years, MasterCardstaff found that its homegrown relational database management system (RDBMS) lookup solution,based on phonetic matching, was no longer the best option to satisfy the growing and increasingly complex needs of MATCH users.  


With the advent of Cloudera Enterprise and Cloudera Search, MasterCard added new tools to access, search, and secure more data than ever.

The Cloudera enterprise data hub delivered the dynamic scalability and improved performance to help MasterCard accelerate searches and expand its user base, using Cloudera Search to provide acquirers with enriched searching capabilities and increased search accuracy. The solution can now index, match, and sort results using several search algorithms and new scoring capabilities that were previously impractical to implement on the legacy platform and in Hadoop several years ago. MasterCard staff can also better tune data indexing to improve search performance. With greater scalability and flexibility, the platform will also enable MasterCard to expand its data set without constraints and incorporate new data as industry trends and opportunities emerge.


Greater precision in search results and prioritization of the results is helping MasterCard customers more quickly and easily evaluate a merchant without the cost of executing additional searches or further investigations.

Re-platforming the search capability on Cloudera Enterprise enables MasterCard to support five times as many searches each year and 25 times more searches per customer each day.

With improved platform scalability, performance, and accuracy, MasterCard can now offer its solution to new markets and build new revenue streams. For example, the platform improvements enable MasterCard staff to offers its MATCH solution to non-traditional customers, such as online marketplaces.

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