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Analytics and machine learning at the scale of the Internet of Things


Drive insights and analytics from IoT and connected devices

With more than 30 billion things connected to the Internet, IoT presents a significant challenge for enterprises to effectively ingest, process, manage, store, and drive insights from all the data generated by connected devices and assets. This is where Cloudera excels. Cloudera provides the right tools and solutions you need to drive insights and value from all the data that IoT generates.

Key use cases
  • Industrial IoT
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Smart Cities
  • Healthcare Analytics

Industrial IoT

The Industry 4.0 revolution, powered by IoT, is driving increasing focus on connected factories, assets, and industrial ecosystems. Data generated by connected devices has the potential to provide your business with crucial insights, such as how your assets are performing in real time, how agile your supply chain is, and how your products are being used. It can even predict when and how something might break. Cloudera’s data management and analytics platform can help process sensor and machine data from connected assets, in real time, and help predict key outcomes, ensuring you are always ahead of the curve.

Deriving value from the Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloudera Can Help

Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) Platform for IoT

Manage your data from edge to enterprise with a no-code approach to developing sophisticated streaming applications easily.

Predictive maintenance

IoT-enabled predictive maintenance makes it possible for organizations to continuously monitor the health of their assets and predict and prevent failures by performing the right maintenance at the right time, thereby reducing costly equipment downtimes. Cloudera Data Platform enables organizations to stream data from connected assets and drive machine learning and predictive analytics on sensor data to accurately predict the chances of a machine being down—including when and how an asset will fail. This lets organizations plan early and corrective measures and introduce them in the most effective way, thereby avoiding unplanned downtimes and unnecessary staffing and resource costs.

Driving predictive maintenance in a connected world

Connected vehicles

Traditional data management architectures lack the scalability and flexibility to manage the volume, diversity, and streaming nature of data that connected vehicles generate. Capitalize on all of your IoT data from connected vehicles with Cloudera’s end-to-end data management platform that enables streaming analytics and machine learning to drive intelligence at the edge or in the cloud.

Enabling the connected car revolution

Smart cities

Leading cities and government entities are using IoT as a lever to raise the efficiency of their public services, enhance safety and security, improve sustainability, and elevate citizens’ experience. Cloudera is helping cities transform themselves using data and analytics to power innovative use cases in smart, connected cities and public services.

The rise of smart cities

Healthcare analytics

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are striving to improve patient care, support drug development, and advance precision medicine through data insight. By providing a single place to land and analyze a variety of healthcare data, Cloudera is helping payers, providers, and pharmaceutical companies use data and analytics to deliver innovative approaches that incorporate clinical notes, genomics, Real World Evidence, IoT wearables, and patient risk analytics.

Cloudera Healthcare Solutions

Octo Telematics: Transforming insurance services with 170 billion miles of data from connected cars

Analyzing 11 billion data points from five million connected cars daily.

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Navistar is enabling predictive maintenance with IoT analytics on data from thousands of connected trucks and lowering maintenance costs by more than 30 percent.

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Continental’s data-driven transformation from manufacturer to tire solution provider.

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U.S. Census Bureau

The Census Bureau mines, processes, and extracts insights to inform important decisions at all levels of government, using DataFlow to ingest data and provide real-time analytics.

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Real-time analytics for IoT

Solution Brief

Deriving value from the Internet of Things


Infographic: Internet of Things


IoT-enabled predictive maintenance

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