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3-4 clicks For data delivery vs days to weeks

Key Highlights


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Solution highlights

  • Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®)
  • Cloud - Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • Machine learning
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Hbase
  • Cloudera Professional Services


  • Data is accessible to the customer immediately once a contract is signed, versus taking 2 weeks to be received
  • What took 3-4 full-time employees to deliver data to customers is now a one-person job
  • Reduced need for manual processes to manage data, resulting in fewer human errors
  • Verifiable workflow maintains an audit trail which includes information about how and when products were created, verified, and made available to specific clients

Searcher Seismic is an independent multi-client company, headquartered in Western Australia, that provides high quality, non-exclusive subsurface datasets to the global Oil & Gas industry. Searcher’s leading edge data sets are used by their customers to de-risk their exploration portfolios in a cost-effective manner. Searchers' vision is to be the global multi-client company most admired for its commitment to quality products, mutually beneficial partnerships and total customer satisfaction.  Seismic data is the principal geophysical method used to image the subsurface in both land and marine environments.

For oil and gas companies, seismic data is a critical component used to plan locations for wells, reducing the need for further exploration, and minimizing environmental impact. Without this data, it would be impossible for producers to locate deposits of oil and natural gas in the challenging environments in which they operate today.


For any company, like Searcher Seismic, combing through a library of 20PB of data can be time-consuming and extremely costly, as it is a very labor-intensive process.  As the company’s data resided on SANs and large drives, tapes, and USB’s, this made data auditing and discover nearly impossible.

Current data management practices are prone to human error and often require physical media transcription or handling before the data is even accessible. Data delivery to clients was also becoming a growing problem as the workflows could not scale well with increased complexity and size of each data order.


Searcher Seismic turned to Cloudera’s technology stack and Professional Services team to achieve their goals. This has enabled the company to build a new product offering, Saismic™. This cloud-based service provides global seismic data on-demand with native support for deep learning and advanced analytics.

Cloudera offers Searcher Seismic data management, an enterprise data cloud platform with self-service access to governed data and open tools for end-to-end analytics and machine learning workflows.  In addition, Searcher is also using Apache Spark and Apache Hbase so instances can be deployed anywhere, including a cloud and hybrid cloud environment. The company implemented a hybrid cloud approach  with a high speed fibre link to a cluster in the data center, which has direct links to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services - Google Cloud Platform is forthcoming. 


Saismic™ allows data access, seamlessly and efficiently across the entire organization. Employees can view all data which is available immediately via a web portal, with access based upon verified login credentials. For clients, data delivery was a two-step process that started once a contract was signed. Key data was shipped within 24 hours, with the remainder following in 2 weeks.  Now, from the moment the contract is signed, the data can be pushed to the client’s cloud vendor of choice, allowing instant access to data.

We used Cloudera’s professional services team for their machine learning and data science expertise, implementation of the enterprise data platform, and they assisted us to design and implement a training pipeline. They were instrumental and came in with experts to provide all of this before our team took over.

-Joshua Thorp, VP, Data & Analytics, Searcher Seismic

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