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Data-Powered Decisions for Today’s Chaotic World

Today, every business is facing a perfect storm of radical change, supercharged by the impact of a global pandemic. Suddenly, everything from face-to-face meetings to buying groceries has gone digital.

As a result, businesses are generating more data than ever. There are more digital transactions to track and monitor. Every engagement with coworkers, customers, and partners is virtual. So with this deluge of data flooding every enterprise what should businesses do? 

At Cloudera, we believe this onslaught of data offers an opportunity to make better business decisions, faster. The Cloudera Data Platform can leverage virtually unlimited quantities and varieties of data to power better decision making.

So please join us for Cloudera Sessions: Navigating the Data Storm. You’ll see demos and the latest roadmap. You can engage with thought leaders, experts, engineers, and evangelists and learn how to weather today’s turbulent environment.

Here's what we have in store for technical leaders, data administrators and practitioners.

IT, Analytics & Technical Leadership

Join to: 

  • Prepare for the significant shifts in data platforms coming with hybrid cloud

  • See the future of streaming, data warehouse, and machine learning

  • Learn from your industry peers who have transformed their businesses with data and analytics

Data Administrators & Practitioners

Learn how to:

  • Capture streaming data in the cloud and on-premises 

  • Run multistage data pipelines to transform and analyze data

  • Deploy machine learning models to make predictions and guide actions


Welcome & introduction

Vinod Ganesan, Country Manager- India & SAARC,  Cloudera 

The perfect storm of radical change all businesses are facing today

Rob Bearden, President & Chief Executive Officer
Rob Bearden welcomes you to Cloudera Sessions 2020 INDIA. There has never been a more critical time, or a better opportunity to navigate the Data Storm. Unprecedented changes in your environment have resulted in a deluge of data. Now is the time to increase your ability to navigate intelligently and harness the power of virtually unlimited quantities and varieties of data to power better decision making.

Keynote: The evolution of the Enterprise Data Cloud

Mick Hollison, Chief Marketing Officer & Anupam Singh, Chief Customer Officer
In chaotic times, companies need to make data-powered decisions faster and better than ever. An Enterprise Data Cloud delivers cloud-native agility across public and private clouds for hybrid cloud deployment with common security, governance, and control. In a world where data is growing exponentially, your ability to harness that growth to drive better insight and decisions will be critical to thrive. Join us for this session where Mick Hollison will discuss the dynamics driving a new approach to data and Anupam Singh will share the future of the Enterprise Data Cloud and the roadmap for the Cloudera Data Platform,  and how it enables you to navigate the data storm.


Keynote: The ideal AI Stack - Enhancing models through human intelligence

Tricia Wang, Global Tech Ethnographer & Co-founder, Sudden Compass
The ideal AI Stack: Enhancing models through human intelligence

AI offers the tantalizing promise of better predicting the future to drive the right decisions but making the most of it is not as easy as it seems…

For companies to capitalize on AI, they must know how to successfully leverage meaningful data. While AI technologies can surface more data points and guidance, it needs to be matched with human knowledge to generate high fidelity insights. Tricia Wang will share strategic tips on building data models for today’s business paradigm that reflect human input to evolve the next generation of machine learning. The key to unlocking real world applications of AI is when data scientists can work with domain experts to integrate their human intelligence or what she calls Thick Data to improve their models and be closer to delivering that promise.

Global technology ethnographer Dr. Tricia Wang, helps companies innovate and grow by integrating big data — all that you know about your customers and your market — with thick data, the human element that is invisible to quantitative data analysis. Tricia is the co-founder of Sudden Compass, a firm that helps companies leverage data to move at the speed of their customers. She is a recognized leading authority on digital transformation, operationalizing data science, customer experience, and ethics of personal data usage in artificial intelligence. In addition to her work in industry, Tricia has spent decades researching youth culture, social media, and Chinese internet culture. Her work resonates with a wide audience, from C-Suite leaders to data scientists to designers to marketers and university students.

There is no greater risk than being blind to the unknown.

Guest Keynote by Vodafone Idea Ltd.- Beyond connectivity – Transforming the Data Landscape

Hitesh T K, CIO at Vodafone Idea Ltd

1. Single Unified System for Operational Analytics, Advanced Analytics, and Reporting-This has been achieved by creating a unified, enriched and harmonized data layer with standard logics

2. D-1 data availability

3. New Data sources like GGSN, Mycom, MME etc.

4. Application Modernization and Open Source Adoption-The Platform has been built with the best of the breed Open source components, in line with the Application Modernization and Open Source Adoption Strategy and Vision.

Analyst Keynote by IDC Financial Insights

Cyrus Daruwala, Managing Director, IDC Financial Insights


Fireside Chat- “Building Economically Superior architectures for the AI driven Enterprise “

Vinod Ganesan, Country Manager- India & SAARC,  Cloudera & Abhas Ricky, head of Strategy, Innovation & Value Sales at Cloudera

Cloudera Data Platform Demo & Overview

Avijeet Dash & Prashant Wate Sr. Solution Engineer, Cloudera 
1. CDP Overview ( highlighting Control Plane and SDX)

2.How to set up a secured and governed Data Lake in Public cloud.

3. Data lifecycle.

4. How to deliver End to End Data lifecycle experience on the secured and governed data lake in form of K8 containers. 


Bringing cloud technology to your on-premise data platform with CDP Private Cloud

Vineeth Varughese, Product Marketing Manager at Cloudera & Srinivaschary T, Enterprise Technologist at Dell EMC
Following the recent launch of CDP Private Cloud, hear how it delivers the speed, scale, and economics of the cloud into your data center, while providing simple, powerful analytics across an integrated data lifecycle. With consistent experiences, security and governance across both Private and Public Cloud form-factors, your data platform can keep you in control of your data and infrastructure costs while flexing to use the public cloud when needed.



Robert Bearden Chief Executive Officer, Cloudera
Mick Hollison Chief Marketing Officer, Cloudera
Anupam Singh Chief Customer Officer, Cloudera
Tricia Wang Co-founder, Sudden Compass
Vinod Ganesan Regional Sales Director, Cloudera
Hitesh T K. CIO, Vodafone Idea Ltd.
Cyrus Daruwala Managing Director, IDC Financial Insights
Avijeet Dash Sr. Solution Engineer, Cloudera
Prashant Wate Sr. Solution Engineer, Cloudera
Abhas Ricky Head of Strategy, Innovation & Value Sales, Cloudera
Vineeth Varughese Product Marketing, Cloudera
Srinivaschary T. Enterprise Technologist, DellEMC


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