Cloudera and Appfluent


Appfluent and Cloudera provide organizations with unprecedented insights into the data warehouse. Together, they deliver the information needed to develop a knowledge-driven roadmap to drive the adoption of the Hadoop platform across the enterprise.


About Appfluent

Appfluent provides IT organizations with unprecedented visibility into their Big Data systems to reduce costs. Appfluent helps companies put the right workload on the right system, across data warehouses, business intelligence, and Hadoop. With Appfluent, enterprises can address exploding data growth with confidence, proactively manage performance of BI and data warehouse systems, and realize the tremendous economies of Hadoop.

Joint Solution

Appfluent and Cloudera Partner to Slash Data Warehouse Costs

The Appfluent and Cloudera partnership means faster, more valuable offloads from legacy analytic databases to Hadoop and an enterprise data hub.