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RecordService System Requirements:

Note: VM does not work with VirtualBox version 4.1 or lower


How to Get Started with the RecordService Beta


There are multiple ways to try the RecordService Beta.  First, get the server:


  1. Use the beta Virtual Machine (VM);   This is a single-node hadoop cluster including Impala, MapReduce/YARN, Spark, Sentry and RecordService.  Using the VM is the easiest way to see RecordService in action, and it does not require that you make use of  an existing hadoop cluster.  

  2. Use RecordService on an existing hadoop cluster;  Requires a cluster running Cloudera’s Distribution of Hadoop (CDH) 5.5 or above.   Must be installed on a test cluster only, since this is beta software.  


To integrate the RecordService into your existing MapReduce and Spark jobs, use the RecordService Client libraries. The client repository also contains many example applications you can start running right away.  

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