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Long term component architecture

As the main curator of open standards in Hadoop, Cloudera has a track record of bringing new open source solutions into its platform (such as Apache Spark, Apache HBase, and Apache Parquet) that are eventually adopted by the community at large. As standards, you can build longterm architecture on these components with confidence.



With the exception of DSSD support, Cloudera Enterprise 5.6.0 is identical to CDH 5.5.2/Cloudera Manager 5.5.3  If you do not need DSSD support, you do not need to upgrade if you are already using the latest 5.5.x release.


Note: Mixed operating system type and version clusters are supported, however using the same version of the same operating system on all cluster hosts is strongly recommended.

CDH 5 provides 64-bit packages for RHEL-compatible, SLES, Ubuntu, and Debian systems as listed below.


Operating System Version Packages
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)-compatible
RHEL (+ SELinux mode in available versions) 5.7 64-bit
  5.10 64-bit
  6.4 64-bit
  6.5 64-bit
  6.6 64-bit
  6.7 64-bit
  7.1 64-bit
  7.2 64-bit
CentOS (+ SELinux mode in available versions) 5.7 64-bit
  5.10 64-bit
  6.4 64-bit
  6.5 64-bit
  6.6 64-bit
  6.7 64-bit
  7.1 64-bit
  7.2 64-bit
Oracle Linux with default kernel and Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 5.7 (UEK R2) 64-bit
  5.10 64-bit
  5.11 64-bit
  6.4 (UEK R2) 64-bit
  6.5 (UEK R2, UEK R3) 64-bit
  6.6 (UEK R3) 64-bit
  6.7 (UEK R3) 64-bit
  7.1 64-bit
  7.2 64-bit
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 with Service Pack 2 64-bit
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 with Service Pack 3 64-bit
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 with Service Pack 4 64-bit
Ubuntu Precise 12.04 - Long-Term Support (LTS) 64-bit
  Trusty 14.04 - Long-Term Support (LTS) 64-bit
Debian Wheezy 7.0, 7.1, and 7.8 64-bit
Important: Cloudera supports RHEL 7 with the following limitations:
  • Cloudera Enterprise is supported on platforms with Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) enabled. Cloudera is not responsible for policy support nor policy enforcement. If you experience issues with SELinux, contact your OS provider.
  • CDH 5.7 DataNode hosts with EMC® DSSD™ D5™ are supported by RHEL 6.6, 7.1, and 7.2. CDH 5.6 DataNode hosts with EMC® DSSD™ D5™ are only supported by RHEL 6.6.
Selected tab: supportedoperatingsystems
Component MariaDB MySQL SQLite PostgreSQL Oracle Derby - see Note 5
Oozie 5.5 5.1, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7 8.1, 8.3, 8.4, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4

See Note 3

11gR2, 12c Default
Flume Default (for the JDBC Channel only)
Hue 5.5 5.1, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7

See Note 6

Default 8.1, 8.3, 8.4, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4

See Note 3

11gR2, 12c
Hive/Impala 5.5 5.1, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7

See Note 1

8.1, 8.3, 8.4, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4

See Note 3

11gR2, 12c Default
Sentry 5.5 5.1, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7

See Note 1

8.1, 8.3, 8.4, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4

See Note 3

11gR2, 12c
Sqoop 1 5.5 See Note 4 See Note 4 See Note 4
Sqoop 2 5.5 Default
  1. MySQL 5.5 is supported on CDH 5.1. MySQL 5.6 is supported on CDH 5.1 and higher. The InnoDB storage engine must be enabled in the MySQL server.
  2. Cloudera Manager installation fails if GTID-based replication is enabled in MySQL.
  3. PostgreSQL 9.2 is supported on CDH 5.1 and higher. PostgreSQL 9.3 is supported on CDH 5.2 and higher. PostgreSQL 9.4 is supported on CDH 5.5 and higher.
  4. For purposes of transferring data only, Sqoop 1 supports MySQL 5.0 and above, PostgreSQL 8.4 and above, Oracle 10.2 and above, Teradata 13.10 and above, and Netezza TwinFin 5.0 and above. The Sqoop metastore works only with HSQLDB (1.8.0 and higher 1.x versions; the metastore does not work with any HSQLDB 2.x versions).
  5. Derby is supported as shown in the table, but not always recommended. See the pages for individual components in the Cloudera Installation and Upgrade guide for recommendations.
  6. CDH 5 Hue requires the default MySQL version of the operating system on which it is being installed, which is usually MySQL 5.1, 5.5, or 5.6.
Selected tab: supporteddatabases
  Important: JDK 1.6 is not supported on any CDH 5 release (even though the libraries of CDH 5.0-CDH 5.4 are compatible). Applications using CDH libraries must run a supported version of JDK 1.7 or higher, and one that also matches the JDK version of your CDH cluster.
CDH 5.7.x is supported with the versions shown in the following table:
Minimum Supported Version Recommended Version Exceptions
1.7.0_55 1.7.0_67, 1.7.0_75, 1.7.0_80 None
1.8.0_31 1.8.0_60 Cloudera recommends that you not use JDK 1.8.0_40.
Selected tab: supportedjdkversions


Hue works with the two most recent versions of the following browsers. Cookies and JavaScript must be on.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari (not supported on Windows)
  • Internet Explorer

Hue could display in older versions and even other browsers, but you might not have access to all of its features.

Selected tab: supportedbrowsers


CDH requires IPv4. IPv6 is not supported.

See also Configuring Network Names.


Selected tab: supportedinternetprotocol

The following components are supported by the indicated versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS):


Table 1. Components Supported by TLS


Role Name Port Version
Flume   Avro Source/Sink   TLS 1.2
Flume   Flume HTTP Source/Sink   TLS 1.2
HBase Master HBase Master Web UI Port 60010 TLS 1.2
HDFS NameNode Secure NameNode Web UI Port 50470 TLS 1.2
HDFS Secondary NameNode Secure Secondary NameNode Web UI Port 50495 TLS 1.2
HDFS HttpFS REST Port 14000 TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2
Hive HiveServer2 HiveServer2 Port 10000 TLS 1.2
Hue Hue Server Hue HTTP Port 8888 TLS 1.2
Cloudera Impala Impala Daemon Impala Daemon Beeswax Port 21000 TLS 1.2
Cloudera Impala Impala Daemon Impala Daemon HiveServer2 Port 21050 TLS 1.2
Cloudera Impala Impala Daemon Impala Daemon Backend Port 22000 TLS 1.2
Cloudera Impala Impala Daemon Impala Daemon HTTP Server Port 25000 TLS 1.2
Cloudera Impala Impala StateStore StateStore Service Port 24000 TLS 1.2
Cloudera Impala Impala StateStore StateStore HTTP Server Port 25010 TLS 1.2
Cloudera Impala Impala Catalog Server Catalog Server HTTP Server Port 25020 TLS 1.2
Cloudera Impala Impala Catalog Server Catalog Server Service Port 26000 TLS 1.2
Oozie Oozie Server Oozie HTTPS Port 11443 TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2
Solr Solr Server Solr HTTP Port 8983 TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2
Solr Solr Server Solr HTTPS Port 8985 TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2
YARN ResourceManager ResourceManager Web Application HTTP Port 8090 TLS 1.2
YARN JobHistory Server MRv1 JobHistory Web Application HTTP Port 19890 TLS 1.2
Selected tab: supportedtransportlayersecurityversions
Selected tab: systemrequirements

Issues Fixed in CDH 5.7.1

Apache HBase


The ReplicationCleaner process can abort if its connection to ZooKeeper is inconsistent


Bug: HBASE-15234

If the connection with ZooKeeper is inconsistent, the ReplicationCleaner may abort, and the following event is logged by the HMaster:

WARN org.apache.hadoop.hbase.replication.master.ReplicationLogCleaner: Aborting ReplicationLogCleaner
because Failed to get list of replicators

Unprocessed WALs accumulate.

The seekBefore() method calculates the size of the previous data block by assuming that data blocks are contiguous, and HFile v2 and higher store Bloom blocks and leaf-level INode blocks with the data. As a result, reverse scans do not work when Bloom blocks or leaf-level INode blocks are present when HFile v2 or higher is used.

Workaround: Restart the HMaster occasionally. The ReplicationCleaner restarts if necessary and process the unprocessed WALs.



Upstream Issues Fixed


The following upstream issues are fixed in CDH 5.7.1:

  • AVRO-1781 - Schema.parse is not thread safe
  • FLUME-2781 - Kafka Channel with parseAsFlumeEvent=true should write data as is, not as flume events
  • FLUME-2891 - Revert FLUME-2712 and FLUME-2886
  • FLUME-2897 - AsyncHBase sink NPE when Channel.getTransaction() fails
  • HADOOP-7817 - RawLocalFileSystem.append() should give FSDataOutputStream with accurate .getPos()
  • HADOOP-11321 - copyToLocal cannot save a file to an SMB share unless the user has Full Control permissions
  • HADOOP-11687 - Ignore x-* and response headers when copying an Amazon S3 object
  • HADOOP-12668 - Support excluding weak Ciphers in HttpServer2 through ssl-server.conf
  • HADOOP-12825 - Log slow name resolutions
  • HADOOP-12954 - Add a way to change
  • HADOOP-12972 - Lz4Compressor#getLibraryName returns the wrong version number
  • HDFS-3519 - Checkpoint upload may interfere with a concurrent saveNamespace
  • HDFS-6520 - hdfs fsck passes invalid length value when creating BlockReader
  • HDFS-7600 - Refine hdfs admin classes to reuse common code
  • HDFS-8142 - DistributedFileSystem encryption zone commands should resolve relative paths
  • HDFS-8211 - DataNode UUID is always null in the JMX counter.
  • HDFS-8496 - Calling stopWriter() with FSDatasetImpl lock held may block other threads
  • HDFS-8855 - Webhdfs client leaks active NameNode connections
  • HDFS-9549 - TestCacheDirectives#testExceedsCapacity is flaky
  • HDFS-9589 - Block files which have been hardlinked should be duplicated before the DataNode appends to the them
  • HDFS-9949 - Add a test case to ensure that the DataNode does not regenerate its UUID when a storage directory is cleared
  • HDFS-10223 - peerFromSocketAndKey performs SASL exchange before setting connection timeouts
  • HDFS-10267 - Extra "synchronized" on FsDatasetImpl#recoverAppend and FsDatasetImpl#recoverClose
  • HDFS-10324 - Trash directory in an encryption zone should be pre-created with correct permissions
  • HDFS-10344 - DistributedFileSystem#getTrashRoots should skip encryption zone that does not have .Trash
  • MAPREDUCE-4785 - TestMRApp occasionally fails
  • MAPREDUCE-6297 - Task Id of the failed task in diagnostics should link to the task page
  • MAPREDUCE-6333 - TestEvents,TestAMWebServicesTasks,TestAppController are broken due to MAPREDUCE-6297
  • MAPREDUCE-6384 - Add the last reporting reducer info for too many fetch failure diagnostics
  • MAPREDUCE-6388 - Remove deprecation warnings from JobHistoryServer classes
  • MAPREDUCE-6485 - Create a new task attempt with failed map task priority if in-progress attempts are unassigned
  • MAPREDUCE-6513 - MR job got hanged forever when one NM unstable for some time
  • MAPREDUCE-6535 - TaskID default constructor results in NPE on toString()
  • MAPREDUCE-6580 - Test failure: TestMRJobsWithProfiler
  • YARN-2871 - TestRMRestart#testRMRestartGetApplicationList sometime fails in trunk
  • YARN-3104 - Fixed RM to not generate new AMRM tokens on every heartbeat between rolling and activation
  • YARN-3493 - RM fails to come up with error "Failed to load/recover state" when mem settings are changed
  • YARN-3695 - ServerProxy (NMProxy, etc.) shouldn't retry forever for non network exception
  • YARN-4168 - Fixed a failing test TestLogAggregationService.testLocalFileDeletionOnDiskFull
  • YARN-4414 - Nodemanager connection errors are retried at multiple levels
  • YARN-4579 - Allow DefaultContainerExecutor container log directory permissions to be configurable
  • YARN-4629 - Distributed shell breaks under strong security
  • YARN-4639 - Remove dead code in TestDelegationTokenRenewer added in YARN-3055
  • YARN-4717 - TestResourceLocalizationService.testPublicResourceInitializesLocalDir fails Intermittently due to IllegalArgumentException from cleanup
  • YARN-4795 - ContainerMetrics drops records
  • YARN-4916 - TestNMProxy.tesNMProxyRPCRetry fails
  • HBASE-15234 - Don't abort ReplicationLogCleaner on ZooKeeper errors
  • HBASE-15271 - Spark bulk load should write to temporary location and then rename on success
  • HBASE-15349 - Update surefire version to 2.19.1
  • HBASE-15405 - Fix PE logging and wrong defaults in help message
  • HBASE-15456 - CreateTableProcedure/ModifyTableProcedure needs to fail when there is no family in table descriptor
  • HBASE-15479 - No more garbage or beware of autoboxing
  • HBASE-15582 - SnapshotManifestV1 too verbose when there are no regions
  • HBASE-15591 - ServerCrashProcedure not yielding
  • HBASE-15592 - Print Procedure WAL content
  • HBASE-15622 - Superusers does not consider the keytab credentials
  • HBASE-15622 - Superusers does not consider the keytab credentials
  • HBASE-15673 - Fix latency metrics for multiGet. - Also fixes some stuff in help text
  • HBASE-15707 - ImportTSV bulk output does not support tags with hfile.format.version=3
  • HIVE-6099 - Multi insert does not work properly with distinct count
  • HIVE-10303 - HIVE-9471 broke forward compatibility of ORC files
  • HIVE-10313 - Literal Decimal ExprNodeConstantDesc should contain value of HiveDecimal instead of String
  • HIVE-10396 - moredecimal_precision2.q test is failing on trunk
  • HIVE-10636 - CASE comparison operator rotation optimization
  • HIVE-11054 - Handle varchar/char partition columns in vectorization
  • HIVE-11097 - HiveInputFormat uses String.startsWith to compare splitPath and PathToAliases
  • HIVE-11369 - Mapjoins in HiveServer2 fail when jmxremote is used
  • HIVE-11408 - HiveServer2 is leaking ClassLoaders when add jar / temporary functions are used due to constructor caching in Hadoop ReflectionUtils
  • HIVE-11427 - Location of temporary table for CREATE TABLE SELECT broken by HIVE-7079
  • HIVE-11590 - AvroDeserializer is very chatty
  • HIVE-11919 - Hive Union Type Mismatch
  • HIVE-12481 - Occasionally "Request is a replay" will be thrown from HS2
  • HIVE-12506 - SHOW CREATE TABLE command creates a table that does not work for RCFile format
  • HIVE-12568 - Provide an option to specify network interface used by Spark remote client [Spark Branch]
  • HIVE-12616 - NullPointerException when spark session is reused to run a mapjoin
  • HIVE-12706 - Incorrect output from from_utc_timestamp()/to_utc_timestamp when local timezone has DST
  • HIVE-12941 - Unexpected result when using MIN() on struct with NULL in first field
  • HIVE-13082 - Enable constant propagation optimization in query with left semi join
  • HIVE-13082 - Enable constant propagation optimization in query with left semi join
  • HIVE-13115 - MetaStore Direct SQL getPartitions call fail when the columns schemas for a partition are null
  • HIVE-13200 - Aggregation functions returning empty rows on partitioned columns
  • HIVE-13217 - Replication for HoS mapjoin small file needs to respect dfs.replication.max
  • HIVE-13243 - Hive drop table on encyption zone fails for external tables
  • HIVE-13251 - hive can't read the decimal in AVRO file generated from previous version
  • HIVE-13286 - Query ID is being reused across queries
  • HIVE-13295 - Improvement to LDAP search queries in HS2 LDAP Authenticator
  • HIVE-13300 - Hive on spark throws exception for multi-insert with join
  • HIVE-13302 - direct SQL: cast to date doesn't work on Oracle
  • HIVE-13376 - HoS emits too many logs with application state
  • HIVE-13401 - Kerberized HS2 with LDAP auth enabled fails kerberos/delegation token authentication
  • HIVE-13410 - PerfLog metrics scopes not closed if there are exceptions on HS2
  • HIVE-13500 - Fix OOM with explan output being logged
  • HIVE-13527 - Using deprecated APIs in HBase client causes zookeeper connection leaks
  • HIVE-13530 - Hive on Spark throws Kryo exception in some cases
  • HIVE-13570 - Some queries with Union all fail when CBO is off
  • HIVE-13585 - Add counter metric for direct sql failures
  • HIVE-13632 - CDH39911Hive failing on insert empty array into parquet table
  • HIVE-13657 - Spark driver stderr logs should appear in hive client logs
  • HUE-3171 - Fix vertical resize handle for queries with long descriptions
  • HUE-3171 - Long descriptions doesn’t wrap and headers from table follows with horizontal scroll
  • HUE-3221 - Styling on column stats popup leaks on the tables page
  • HUE-3293 - Prevent document matching query error when going one home 1
  • HUE-3293 - Fix mis-switching to new home page when new editor is on
  • HUE-3293 - Move new editor flag to desktop
  • HUE-3303 - PostgreSQL requires data update and alter table operations in separate transactions
  • HUE-3310 - Prevent browsing job designs by API
  • HUE-3334 - Update test, now se send empty query instead of error
  • HUE-3334 - Skip checking for multi queries if there is no semi colon
  • HUE-3350 - Reverse browsing link to use the correct version of the editor
  • HUE-3398 - Filter out sessions with empty guid or secret key
  • HUE-3434 - Logs of finished Oozie workflow are not displayed
  • HUE-3436 - Retain old dependencies when saving a workflow
  • HUE-3437 - PamBackend does not honor ignore_username_case
  • HUE-3459 - Put stat popover on top
  • HUE-3459 - Fixed Flexbox for IE10
  • HUE-3459 - Use fixed positioning for assist panel
  • HUE-3459 - Revert sticky assist
  • HUE-3459 - Fix issue with single panel in metastore and new editor
  • HUE-3459 - Clear the height interval on update
  • HUE-3459 - Assist doesn't stretch to the end of the page in the old editors
  • HUE-3471 - Set the assist database on design update
  • HUE-3471 - Assist does not show the DB from the saved query
  • HUE-3476 - Clear any running intervals after closing the stats popover
  • HUE-3480 - Impala refresh pop-over won't close after assist action while open
  • HUE-3506 - Limit length of comments on table page
  • HUE-3511 - Reduce flickering of action icons when moving the pointer across several entries
  • HUE-3523 - Modify find_jobs_with_no_doc method to exclude jobs with no name
  • HUE-3528 - Call correct metrics api to avoid 500 error
  • HUE-3543 - Timeout prevents refreshing of the Assist tables/dbs
  • HUE-3594 - Smarter DOM based XSS filter on hashes
  • HUE-3601 - Spinner not positioned correctly
  • HUE-3613 - Empty div elements are added when scrolling the DB assist panel
  • HUE-3614 - Scrolling on assist in old editor also scrolls the editor
  • HUE-3637 - Avoid decode errors on attribute values
  • HUE-3650 - Notify of caught errors in the watch logs process
  • HUE-3651 - Upgrade Moment.js
  • HUE-3704 - Force enable notebook permissions
  • HUE-3716 - Add gen-py paths to hue.pth
  • HUE-3725 - 'SparkJob' object has no attribute 'amHostHttpAddress'
  • HUE-3731 - Send database on Impala refresh with invalidate
  • HUE-3741 - Display field validation errors on create table wizard
  • HUE-3800 - Job attempt logs not appearing for some Oozie jobs
  • HUE-3819 - Make the upload and create icons not disappear under 1180px
  • IMPALA-2076 - Correct execution time tracking for DataStreamSender
  • IMPALA-2502 - Don't redundantly repartition grouping aggregations
  • IMPALA-2892 - is not cross-compiled
  • IMPALA-3133 - Wrong privileges after a REVOKE ALL ON SERVER statement
  • IMPALA-3139 - Fix drop table statement to not drop views and vice versa
  • IMPALA-3141 - Send dummy filters when filter production is disabled
  • IMPALA-3194 - Allow queries materializing scalar type columns in RC/sequence files
  • IMPALA-3220 - Skip logging empty ScannerContext's stream in parse error
  • IMPALA-3236 - Increase timeout for runtime filter tests
  • IMPALA-3238 - Avoid log spam for very large hash tables
  • IMPALA-3245IMPALA-3305: Fix crash with global filters when NUM_NODES=1
  • IMPALA-3269 - Remove authz checks on default table location in CTAS queries
  • IMPALA-3285 - Fix ASAN failure in webserver-test
  • IMPALA-3317 - Fix crash in sorter when spilling zero-length strings
  • IMPALA-3334 - Fix some bugs in query options' parsing.
  • IMPALA-3367 - Ensure runtime filters tests run on 3 nodes
  • IMPALA-3378IMPALA-3379: fix various JNI issues
  • IMPALA-3385 - Fix crashes on accessing error_log
  • IMPALA-3395 - Old HT filter code uses wrong expr type
  • IMPALA-3396 - Fix ConcurrentTimerCounter unit test "TimerCounterTest" failure.
  • IMPALA-3412 - Fix CHAR codegen crash in tuple comparator
  • IMPALA-3420 - Set IMPALA_THRIFT_VERSION patch level to +4
  • KITE-1108 - Add optional retry feature to loadSolr morphline command
  • KITE-1114 - Kite CLI json-import HDFS temp file path not multiuser safe
  • OOZIE-2429 - TestEventGeneration test is flakey
  • OOZIE-2466 - Repeated failure of TestMetricsInstrumentation.testSamplers
  • OOZIE-2486 - TestSLAEventsGetForFilterJPAExecutor is flakey
  • OOZIE-2490 - Oozie can't set
  • SENTRY-922 - INSERT OVERWRITE DIRECTORY permission not working correctly
  • SENTRY-1112 - Change default value of "sentry.hive.server" to empty string
  • SENTRY-1164 - testCaseSensitivity test failure on a real cluster and also a minor improvements to testConcurrentClients to run locally. (Anne Yu, reviewed by Haohao).
  • SENTRY-1169 - MetastorePlugin#renameAuthzObject log message prints oldpathname as newpathname
  • SENTRY-1184 - Clean up HMSPaths.renameAuthzObject
  • SENTRY-1190 - IMPORT TABLE silently fails if Sentry is enabled
  • SOLR-6631 - DistributedQueue spinning on calling zookeeper getChildren()
  • SOLR-6879 - Have an option to disable autoAddReplicas temporarily for all collections.
  • SOLR-7493 - Requests aren't distributed evenly if the collection isn't present locally. Merges r1683946 and r1683948 from trunk.
  • SOLR-8551 - Make collection deletion more robust.
  • SOLR-8683 - Tune down stream closed logging
  • SOLR-8720 - ZkController#publishAndWaitForDownStates should use #publishNodeAsDown.
  • SOLR-8771 - Multi-threaded core shutdown creates executor per core
  • SOLR-8855 - The HDFS BlockDirectory should not clean up it's cache on shutdown.
  • SOLR-8856 - Do not cache merge or 'read once' contexts in the hdfs block cache.
  • SOLR-8857 - HdfsUpdateLog does not use configured or new default number of version buckets and is hard coded to 256.
  • SOLR-8869 - Optionally disable printing field cache entries in SolrFieldCacheMBean
  • SPARK-4452 - Shuffle data structures can starve others on the same thread for memory
  • SPARK-12614 - Don't throw non fatal exception from ask
  • SPARK-13622 - Issue creating level db for YARN shuffle service
  • SPARK-14242 - Avoid copy in compositeBuffer for frame decoder
  • SPARK-14290 - Avoid significant memory copy in Netty's tran…
  • SPARK-14363 - Fix executor OOM due to memory leak in the Sorter
  • SPARK-14477 - Allow custom mirrors for downloading artifacts in build/mvn
  • SPARK-14679 - Fix UI DAG visualization OOM.
  • SQOOP-2847 - Sqoop --incremental + missing parent --target-dir reports success with no data


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