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November 2020

Software Access Update

This announcement pertains to accessing Cloudera’s software.
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We announced in 2019 that, beginning November 2019, all new Cloudera product releases, including version updates and maintenance releases of current software, would only be accessible by current customers with a valid product subscription to the software.  

Effective January 31, 2021, all Cloudera software requires a valid subscription to that software in order to access it. This includes all legacy versions of Cloudera products, including Apache Hadoop (CDH),  Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Data Flow (HDF/CDF), and Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW). Information regarding software access is available in technical documentation by software type and version. Additional information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this document.

Customer-specific credentials are provided by Cloudera with entitlements to a particular product as part of each active subscription.  For example, if you purchase a subscription to CDH, you will receive customer-specific credentials that allow you to access all currently supported versions of CDH.  If you purchase an additional product, generally the same credentials may be used to access other products hosted in Cloudera repositories. It is up to the customer to decide the version of CDH that they deploy in their environment.  

In general, a Cloudera subscription provides several benefits, including access to:

  • Built software, thoroughly tested & hardened
  • Version updates, maintenance releases, security patches and bug fixes
  • 24/7 technical support

If you are interested in purchasing a subscription, please contact sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to access Cloudera software?

A valid license key and customer-specific credentials (username and password) are required. Both are provided with a valid Cloudera subscription. These credentials provide access to Cloudera’s private software repositories.

I’m a Cloudera Partner, how does this impact my customers?

No change to the subscription process for partners.However, customers will need credentials to access all Cloudera software products.  

Are the credentials to access Cloudera’s software repositories the same username and password used to access software available via Cloudera’s website? 

No, support credentials are different from the customer-specific credentials that grant access to Cloudera software. Only trial software and select drivers are available via Cloudera's website using support credentials. 

I have a valid subscription but have not accessed software with the credentials issued with my subscription.  Where can I find information? 

Information will be located in technical documentation for each product. For example, the following is documented regarding access to Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud Base and HDP binaries (executable code).: 

I have a Cloudera trial currently, will this be impacted? 

Once the trial period expires, a valid subscription will be required to continue access and use the software. More information about trial licenses is available here.

Do I need a valid subscription if I want to request a copy of the source code associated with my Cloudera product? 

Yes. You will need a valid subscription to receive all Cloudera software, including binaries and source code. . 

What happens if my subscription expires? 

You will lose access to support, future releases, security fixes and other patches. Furthermore, when a license expires, certain features of Cloudera Manager may be disabled, depending on your Cloudera Manager version. Starting with Cloudera Manager 6.x, certain management features of Cloudera Enterprise will be disabled as Cloudera Manager will revert to the Cloudera Express feature set. More details of the feature set are provided on the Cloudera Enterprise data sheet.

Users of Cloudera Manager 7 (designed for Cloudera CDP) will no longer be able to access the Cloudera Manager admin console to manage clusters until a valid license is uploaded. However, in all cases, clusters will continue to function, data will remain intact, and workloads will continue running without interruption.

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