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Watch Cloudera E-Sessions 2017 online, where you will gain first hand insights into data science principles, practices, applications, and solutions.


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Cloudera E-Sessions Series—Part 1: What 50 Years of Data Science Leaves Out

Is data science just another fashionable way to describe doing statistics on massive data sets in order to develop predictive models? Is statistics the be-all of what is known as machine learning?

Join Sean Owen, Director of Data Science at Cloudera, in this event on demand as he takes you through an insightful examination of David Donoho’s essay “50 Years of Data Science,” with a refreshing look at the engineering versus statistics argument around data science.

What you will learn:

  • The real purpose of data science
  • How scale has upended the nature of statistics
  • Why software engineering is essential in data science

Cloudera E-Sessions Series—Part 2: Introduction to Apache Spark and Spark MLlib

Did you know that Apache Spark MLlib gives common tooling that helps you do data science work to better leverage distributed systems? This broadens the possibilities of machine learning implementations with less development and costs.

Join Juliet Hougland, Data Scientist at Cloudera, in this event on demand as she shows you the practical advantages of Spark MLlib and how just a few lines of code can be fit to a machine learning model for business use cases.

What you will learn:

  • Spark’s DataFrame API for fast data manipulation
  • ML Pipelines for easier model development and refinement
  • How to fit Spark MLlib for a churn prediction model


Sean Owen Director, Data Science,
Juliet Hougland Data Scientist,