It happens in Denver, Colorado on September 13, 2017

The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center, 200 Inverness Dr W, Englewood, CO

Join us for Cloudera Sessions 2017, where Denver's smartest data professionals will be discussing many of the newest use cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)—ranging from predictive maintenance and fraud detection to product recommendation engines and proactive customer support. Come gain firsthand experience into how experts like yourself are using data-driven insights to grow businesses, improve efficiencies, and manage risk.


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Morning Session - for business decision-makers


8:00am - Breakfast in the Partner Pavilion

8:30am - Cloudera Keynote: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Future of Big Data Analytics

Presented by Dave Shuman, Subject Matter Expert, Cloudera

Businesses and organizations of all sizes are suddenly flooded in data from a hyper-connected world and need solutions to analyze and act upon it. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have emerged to help understand patterns in the data, predict outcomes, and prescribe the optimal actions to impact those outcomes. New use cases for machine learning are emerging every day – ranging from predictive maintenance and fraud detection, to product recommendation engines and proactive customer support. Gain first-hand experience into how some of the world’s best organizations are using data-driven insights to grow their businesses, operate more efficiently and manage risk.

9:15am - A Community Approach to Fighting Cyber Threats

Presented by Rocky DeStefano, Subject Matter Expert - Cyber, Cloudera

Learn how Cloudera's cybersecurity solution, based on Apache Spot, empowers security operations centers to accelerate threat detection, investigation, and response through machine learning and complete enterprise visibility. 

9:40am - Coffee break in the Partner Pavilion

10:10am - IP Video Analytics, a Comcast BigData story

Presented by Gabriel Commeau, Principal Software Engineer, Comcast Cable

When Comcast deploys its analytics plugin in our new generation of internet video player, the information it yields becomes an endless stream of massive data. This wealth of data supports many different teams within Comcast, from operations to business intelligence, from product development to application performance monitoring. In this session, we will use this story as an introduction to handling BigData for real-time and batch processing.

10:35am - SCAPE Framework - Leverage Advances in Big Data to Make Multi-Sensor Data Discoverable

Presented by Virginia Cevasco, Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

The Secure Cloud Analytics Processing Environment (SCAPE) is a software framework to investigate new technologies and design patterns that leverage advances in big data technology from across industry and the Intelligence Community (IC). SCAPE explores approaches to rapidly and securely ingest, catalog, and make discoverable diverse data types and build and deploy analytic and visualization capabilities with increased reuse and scalability.

This presentation captures the architecture to achieve common capabilities needed to manage and use the Framework effectively, to positively impact both speed and accuracy of processing of mission based rulesets.  It identifies best of breed technologies including software tools to support ingesting, processing, indexing, accessing, and disseminating multi-INT data for analysis. 

11:00am - Panel Discussion: IT Modernization


  • Sean Anderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloudera
  • Ginny Cevasco, Chief Technologist, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Gabriel Commeau, Principal Software Engineer, Comcast Cable
  • Dave Shuman, Subject Matter Expert, Cloudera (moderator)

11:30am - Lunch


Afternoon Session - for technical decision-makers


11:30am - Lunch

12:10pm - Cloudera Technical Keynote: Let's Tech This Up a Notch

Presented by Sean Anderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloudera

Data is the fuel for strategic differentiation in today’s market. However, legacy systems weren’t designed to keep up with the influx of data from a hyper-connected world, nor can they  support the real-time insights that provide value to the business. Companies must evolve or risk being left behind by competitors that are implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence or migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud. Find out how a modern platform for data science, analytics, operations, and real-time applications can transform data into your most valuable business asset.

12:50pm - Ask the Experts Partner Panel

Join this open Q&A session with a few of our strategic partners who are instrumental in helping our customers make the impossible today, possible tomorrow.


  • Justin Allen, Senior Field Software Engineer, Striim
  • Howard Doherty, VP, Sales, Drivescale
  • Rochelle Grubbs, Sales Engineering Manager, Syncsort
  • Jordan Martz, Director, Technology Solutions, Attunity
  • Paul Veilleux, Big Data Ecosystem, Informatica
  • Gregory Gardner, Partner Sales Manager, Cloudera (moderator)

1:20pm - Coffee break in the Partner Pavilion

1:45pm - Breakout Sessions (Track A: Cloudera in the Cloud; Track B: Modernizing BI & Analytics)

Track A: Cloudera in the Cloud

Presented by Kamal Maheshwari, Sales Engineer, Cloudera

From speeding deployment times, to lowering TCO, to driving greater workforce agility, cloud infrastructure can deliver a number of benefits back to your business. In this session, we will cover how to run your Hadoop workloads on public cloud, optimizing for cluster transience, elasticity, object-store integration, and flexible pricing.

Track B: Modernizing BI & Analytics

Presented by John Darrah, Sales Engineering Manager, Cloudera

Business intelligence and analytics continue to be the lifeblood of business. But many enterprises are stuck in a pattern of simply trying to keep up with the status quo, instead of shifting for the future to take on new and changing data types, get real-time insights, and optimize for the cloud. In this session, we will cover the key drivers for modernizing the analytic database, the technologies that bring high-performance SQL to big data, and how you can ultimately get more value from your data all at a lower cost.


2:40pm - Breakout Sessions (Track A: Data Science in the Enterprise; Track B: Intro to Apache Kudu)

Track A: Data Science in the Enterprise

Presented by Suyash Ramineni, Sales Engineer, Cloudera

Self-service data science is easier said than delivered, especially on Apache Hadoop. Most organizations struggle to balance the diverging needs of the data scientist, data engineer, operator, and architect. This talk will cover the underlying root causes and introduce new capabilities being developed to make self-service data science a reality.

Track B: Introduction to Apache Kudu

Presented by Greg Grubbs, Sales Engineer, Cloudera

Engineered to take advantage of next-generation hardware and in-memory processing, Kudu is specifically designed for use cases that require fast analytics on fast (rapidly changing) data. Learn how the high-demand workloads in place today, which include a growing number of new machine-learning models, can identify cybersecurity threats, predict maintenance issues in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and bring much more accuracy to all types of online reporting.

3:30pm - Happy Hour

4:30pm - Adjourn


Dave Shuman Industry Leader, IoT & Manufacturing, Cloudera
Rocky DeStefano Subject Matter Expert - Cyber, Cloudera
Sean Anderson Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloudera
Gabriel Commeau Principal Software Engineer, Comcast Cable
Lucas Haan Regional Sales Director, Cloudera
Jordan Martz Director, Technology Solutions, Attunity
Ginny Cevasco Chief Technologist, Booz Allen Hamilton
Rochelle Grubbs Manager, Sales Engineering, Syncsort
Howard Doherty VP, Sales, Drivescale


Top 5 reasons to attend Cloudera Sessions 2017

Why should you spend the day with us? Here are the top 5 reasons to attend Cloudera Sessions…

Your machines are learning–don’t be left out. Discover how to manage and analyze the data coming from them.

Local companies are deriving real value from their data. They’ll share their stories on how they did it.


There's buzz and then there's information you can use back at work. You'll get the latter with 3 hands-on breakout sessions and a deep dive keynote on machine learning and AI.

There will be plenty of opportunity to interact with technical experts and our partners at the Ask The Expert panel.


Meet the who’s who of local and like-minded data innovators.