Why Cloudera + AMD

Make Sense of Everything in Real-Time

The big data future is only getting bigger, and the pressure is real. But pressure can burst a pipe, or it can make a diamond. The ability to take on the challenges of performance, security, and sustainability simultaneously would be too much for any one solution—or provider. That’s where the powerful technical partnership between Cloudera and AMD comes in. AMD and Cloudera open a world of possibilities for organizations to accelerate the processing of real-time and high-volume data to stay agile in a dynamic data world. For cloud, IT, and data decision makers, AMD EPYC™ CPUs combined with Cloudera Data Platform deliver the right hardware on the right data platform. We enable customers to create new insights from the wealth of data they have at their fingertips on a unified, high-performance platform with baked-in security from chip to edge. And with a commitment to sustainability that’s not only good for business, but good for the planet. Discover how Cloudera Data Platform and AMD EPYC™ CPUs can bring the sustainable, secure performance you need to implement a big data analytics solution that’s ideal for today’s needs…and scalable for tomorrow’s.

About AMD

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) running on AMD EPYC™ CPU-based servers empowers organizations to implement big data analytics solutions that scale as businesses grow. The technical partnership between Cloudera and AMD delivers a big data solution that takes a proactive approach to addressing these concerns.

Joint Solution Overview

Today, we’re operating in a dynamic data world. According to IBM, on average every person generated 1.7 megabytes of data per second in 2020. Internet users alone generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Businesses realize that all of this data creates unprecedented opportunities. Since 2012, there has been a huge increase in the adoption of big data initiatives. In a 2020 survey of mainstream companies, 99% have made big data investments and 65% employ a Chief Data Officer (CDO). But they also realize that with unprecedented opportunities come unprecedented challenges. In that same decade, only 39.3% are effectively managing data as an asset; only 24% say they’ve created a data driven organization; and only 24.4% have forged an effective data culture within their organizations. Many of these challenges stem from the inability to find the right data analytics architecture—on-premises, public or private cloud, or hybrid cloud. There are a number of factors that go into this decision: Optimizing performance on-premises and in the cloud to analyze—and get the most out of—the zettabytes of data available today.

Optimizing performance on-premises and in the cloud to analyze—and get the most out of—the zettabytes of data available today.

Protecting data through stronger security and governance as more sensitive data and workloads are moved to the cloud.

Helping organizations avoid too many disparate/redundant solutions and that data centers are expanded in an environmentallyconscious way, as the organization grows.

Key Highlights


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Solution Brief

Innovating for Tomorrow by Solving Today’s Analytics Challenges




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