Why Cloudera + Gluent

Legacy data warehouses impede strategic, digital transformation projects. Gluent and Cloudera provide a comprehensive, cloud-based approach to quickly migrating legacy Oracle database workloads, either on Exadata or commodity hardware, to modern technologies, ensuring data is accessible for analytic decision making.

About Gluent

Gluent is a data virtualization company that enables enterprises to integrate with and migrate to big data platforms without the expense of rewriting their applications.

Joint Solution Overview

Together, Gluent and Cloudera enable organizations to make more data-informed decisions easily with a solution that can offload the data locked away in relational databases and store it in a modern data warehouse for greater scale and analytical capabilities without changing or breaking legacy application access.

Gluent Data Platform, consisting of Gluent Advisor, Gluent Offload Engine, and Gluent Query Engine, helps organizations offload data and workloads from their Oracle databases to the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) without code rewrites, minimizing disruption and accelerating ROI. With CDP, a data cloud built for the enterprise, organizations manage and secure the end-to-end data lifecycle to drive actionable insights and data-driven decision making. The CDP-certified Gluent technologies integrated with CDP allow for quick and easy migrations and cloud-native analytics, delivered in a secure, cost-efficient, and scalable manner.

Joint Solution Benefits

Gluent and Cloudera jointly provide solutions that:

  • Empowers companies to quickly and easily move their data and workloads from legacy data warehouses, such as Oracle and Exadata, to the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), while also minimizing disruptions to applications.
  • Automates data movement from legacy data warehouse to CDP and hides the movement from downstream applications with data virtualization, further reducing the effort in getting to CDP.
  • Helps to quickly begin shrinking the legacy data warehouse footprint, reducing hardware and software needs.
  • Enables positive ROI in weeks, instead of years, and provides the best path to a complete migration away from legacy data warehouses.

Key Highlights


Integrated Software Vendor (ISV)



Partnership Highlights
  • Unique, comprehensive solution enabling faster legacy data warehouse migration to a modern technology
  • Oracle and Exadata expertise and experience
  • Gluent CDP-certified offering proven in real-world deployments


Cloudera and Gluent: Gluent Data Platform Database Offload to CDP

See Gluent Data Platform database offload to CDP Data Warehouse and Gluent Data Platform data virtualization in action.

Securus Technologies reduced their data footprint in legacy data warehouse by 80% with Gluent Data Platform and CDP

Learn more

Solution Brief

Orchestrate data warehouse offloads to drive decisions


Cloudera Data Platform for Private Cloud is now available


Gluent certifies support for Cloudera Data Platform


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