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Modernizing Your Data Architecture for Actionable Insights Read now

Any Cloud, Any Analytics, Any Data

Insights powered by diverse and exploding data sources are the currency of modern digital business.

To expand data analytics capacity, enterprises need an end-to-end strategy that addresses inefficiencies in the data pipeline, optimizing software, hardware, and libraries at every stage of the data lifecycle (ingest, prepare, model, deploy). Intel innovation powers the kind of transformation that enterprise IT infrastructure needs to support the demands of analytics-powered digital business and rapidly advance to next-generation AI and HPC workloads.

By uniting the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) with the data center architecture based on Intel® Xeon® technology, this becomes a faster way to achieve a true hybrid data platform designed for unmatched freedom to choose—any cloud, any analytics, any data.

Intel and Cloudera have collaborated for years to provide a high-performing and open platform for data analytics across on-prem, private, or public cloud deployments. Our partnership has provided organizations with the ability to embrace their most critical data, thereby accelerating insights to drive digital transformation.

— Janet George, Intel Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions

About Intel

Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) is an industry leader, creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives. Inspired by Moore’s Law, Intel continuously works to advance the design and manufacturing of semiconductors to help address our customers’ greatest challenges. By embedding intelligence in the cloud, network, edge, and every kind of computing device, we unleash the potential of data to transform business and society for the better. To learn more about Intel’s innovations, go to and

Joint Solution Overview

The power to drive the inflection points in data center technologies lies in the ability to have software and silicon co-evolve to deliver dramatic gains. That is, to have software written to take advantage of the features that are embedded into silicon, servers, storage, and network solutions, allowing innovative technologies to become prevalent. The Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) delivers faster and easier data management and data analytics for data anywhere, with optimal performance, scalability, and security.

By bringing together Intel, a leader in computing innovation, and Cloudera, the leader in enterprise data analytics, Cloudera and Intel are able to accelerate the pace of innovation and deliver customer value on a leadership platform for the market.

Cloudera Certification

Intel Quick Assist Technology (QAT) with CDH

Key Highlights


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Reference Architectures

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Partnership highlights
  • IHV (Independent Hardware Vendor)  
  • Cloudera optimized with Intel technologies delivers faster insights, powers data-intensive workloads, and increases security while reducing deployment risk and complexity. These solutions enable analytics to be done anywhere the data is generated, whether on-premise, the cloud, or the edge.
  • Embrace digital transformation with a modern analytics pipeline that ingests all types of data breaks silos, and improves data quality for storing in databases to data lakehouses.
Cloudera Technology Certified Badge

Data and Analytics Solutions

Cloudera software optimized on Intel hardware are essential for a successful analytics deployment. The open and flexible platforms provide interoperability with existing tools, data management efficiency and scale. These solutions accelerate insights from all types of data in an organization.

  • Intel/Cloudera products
  • Intel Value-adds
Solution for Private Cloud Deployment

Intel and Cloudera joint reference architecture for a private-cloud data platform built to meet today’s data analytics workloads and scales to meet your business needs in the future.  Cloudera Data Platform running on the latest Intel hardware can improve the data analysis performance of the CDP Private Cloud system.

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Reference Design for Data Management

This design guide provides information for optimizing data management, security, and analytics for deploying Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) with Intel-powered Dell servers.

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Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solution

Implementation guide built on Cloudera software and Intel technologies for creating a scalable, reusable, machine-learning architecture to identify opportunities and simplify data pipelines. Use cases include recommendation analytics, customer churn, credit risk, and segmentation. Many open source tools are also used in the solution.

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Intel Select Solutions for Analytics

Intel Select solutions are workload-optimized to minimize the challenges of infrastructure evaluation and deployment. They reduce the risk of deployment with validated hardware and software stacks. These solutions balance the needs of performance, scale, and availability.

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Intel Solutions for Data Pipelines

Optimized data software applications combined with proven infrastructure are key to building highly performant data pipelines. They support all kinds of data that are ingested from cloud to edge and are robust to handle the complexity of data-intensive workloads.

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Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

The latest generation of Xeon processors deliver powerful performance for applications in the cloud and on premises. They provide built-in accelerators that offload key workloads, such as encryption and compression, to help free up CPU cycles for priority workloads such as data analytics and AI.

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Use Cases
  • Deploying private clouds
  • Optimizing data pipelines
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics

Deploying private clouds


Businesses can’t extract value from the data they generate because of the prevalence of data and analytics silos. They struggle with limited data visibility and insufficient insights.  As data grows and analytics workloads increase accordingly, infrastructure cannot scale appropriately and storage requirements often outpace compute needs, so the ability to scale these resources independently is crucial to data center efficiency.

Private clouds can address many of these challenges by allowing different analytic applications to work together at their source while maintaining strict enterprise security, governance, and control across all environments.


Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) running on Intel technologies delivers an end-to-end analytics platform that supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments and eliminates costly and inefficient data silos. It is open source, with open compute and storage, ensuring no vendor lock-in and maximum interoperability.

Optimizing data pipelines


Obtaining key insights from incoming and existing data has always been a challenge for organizations. Only a fraction of the data that is received is stored, and even less is used for generating value. That leaves a huge amount of unused data that can’t be used in say fraud detection or improving customer experience.

Data pipelines can ingest and store more of this data and help turn them into insights. However, they can be complex to build as they interact with many applications and most parts of the infrastructure in the data center.


Cloudera and Intel provide joint solutions for building a modern and open data pipeline that spans the ingest to analyze phases. Intel technologies optimized with Cloudera software provide a clear choice for data-intensive workloads. ​​

Machine learning and predictive analytics


Many enterprises would like to make more data-driven decisions, but their analytics solutions are not ideal, whether they are not fast enough, work with poor quality data or don’t use the right models. This means that they can’t understand their customer better which is the biggest challenge most enterprises face.

An approach to dealing with these challenges is adopting more predictive analytics and machine learning solutions. This means better recommendation engines, customer analytics, risk management, and segmentation. They help organizations stay competitive by identifying opportunities and embracing digital transformation.


Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) using Intel technologies like accelerators, libraries, and instruction sets enable several of these predictive analytics and machine learning workloads. There are also innovative, open-source technologies that are a part of the overall solution.

Key features & benefits

Flexible efficient scaling, can add compute or storage resources separately. Store any amount or type of data in its original form, keep for as long as it’s needed.

Reduced data compression time, faster data movement between phases in the pipeline.

Accelerate machine learning workloads.

Offload resource-intensive tasks to built-in accelerators. Offloading these tasks means more transactions per second, more customers served, and more data processed to fuel insights.

Offers hardware-based memory encryption and isolates specific application code and data in memory for a granular level of control and protection.


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Modernizing Your Data Architecture for Actionable Insights


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Solution Brief

Modernizing the Data Pipeline with Cloudera Data Platform and Intel® Technology

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