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Why Cloudera + Platfora?

Platfora accelerates time to value by giving  business analysts the ability to access data within Cloudera Enterprise and derive insights in hours or minutes, not weeks or months.

We’re excited to strengthen our platform support for Cloudera’s distribution of Hadoop (CDH), the most popular distribution in the industry. It allows us to offer what our customers need to have—the most secure and fluid interactions with their data. Cloudera is a trailblazer in Hadoop innovation and we continue to work together with them to make data-driven initiatives a reality for enterprises.

Jason Zintak, CEO of Platfora

Joint Solution(s) Overview

Beyond Traditional Business Intelligence and Data Discovery

Platfora Big Data Discovery unlocks exploratory use cases that were never before practical, or possible, with legacy business intelligence and data discovery tools. Platfora enables agile exploration of big data in Cloudera without burdening IT in the process. As a native solution for Hadoop, Platfora doesn’t limit your insights to pre-defined aggregates. The in-memory architecture scales horizontally across infinite nodes to enable Big Data Discovery at scale with high-performance interactivity.

Customer Analytics

Platfora’s end-to-end Customer Analytics solution brings insight at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Beginning at the prospecting and qualification stage, you can drill down into data patterns to study behaviors and interactions across all online and offline touch points of the buying cycle. By analyzing multiple channels, users can uncover ways to more effectively retarget particular segments and accelerate the purchases of services and products.

Security Analytics

The evolution in firewall, encryption, monitoring, tracking, and alerting capabilities has resulted in a deluge of new data points, new parameters, and new decisions that must be made. Traditional security solutions typically detect threats in real time and can only analyze small volumes of historical data, often missing key irregularities outside of a single incident. Platfora with Cloudera Enterprise enables security analysts to discover patterns from petabytes of security data, so you can discover attack sequences and understand the impact of data breaches on your business.

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About Platfora

Platfora is the #1 Big Data Discovery platform built natively on Hadoop and Spark. Platfora enables business users and data scientists to visually interact with petabyte-scale data in seconds—allowing them to work with even the rawest forms of transaction, customer interaction, and machine data to find new opportunities and manage risk. Platfora is transforming the way businesses unlock insights, make decisions, and produce better outcomes through the use of its industry-defining Customer Analytics, Security Analytics, and Internet of Things solutions.

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