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Privitar: Data Privacy for Analytics

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Solution Overview

Cloudera and Privitar together empower businesses to safely and efficiently unlock the value of sensitive data and realize the potential of big data initiatives. For the first time, organizations can blend and analyze data from any source, at scale and for all types of workloads. 

Privitar empowers organizations to use sensitive data as broadly as possible in their Cloudera environment and its associated capabilities by applying protections directly to the data, de-identifying large datasets, including data in-motion, using techniques that retain high data utility for use in analytics. Data-driven teams across the business can consume a broader range of data, open up new use cases, and enhance the value of the analytics services they use. 

  • The Privitar Data Privacy Platform applies data privacy protections at scale, fitting into existing Cloudera data environments and pipelines

  • Native integration with Cloudera data architectures enables users to protect data while working consistently across private and public cloud environments

  • Privitar can also be used to apply data privacy protections within streaming and Data Flow pipelines, as the data is moved on the Cloudera platform

  • Protected data can be consumed in the data warehouse and leveraged in Machine Learning & AI with purpose-limited datasets that retain their analytical value

  • Analytical queries can be met with de-identified data provisioned in real-time

  • Origin, lineage and authorized use can be tracked and audited for every dataset with the unique Privitar Watermarks™ capability

  • Privitar uniquely complements Cloudera’s security features for access control, identity management and reporting

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About Privitar

Organizations worldwide rely on Privitar to realize the promise of one of their most valuable assets – safe, usable data. Privitar empowers organizations to use sensitive data to gain valuable insights, and to support data-driven decisions. By delivering comprehensive data privacy techniques and streamlining data provisioning, Privitar enables enterprises to extract the maximum value from the data they collect, manage and use, while minimizing risk. 

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