Cloudera pricing & licensing updates

Latest update: February 2022

On October 14, 2021, we introduced a significant new release and new packaging for CDP Private Cloud software, CDP Private Cloud Data Services. Please see the CDP Private Cloud sections below to learn more about the changes and rationale.  Contact Cloudera for more information.



Open source policy

Cloudera adopted a revised enterprise open source policy modeled after that of Red Hat. This was initially detailed in a blog post in July 2019 and updated in February 2020. We continue to execute on that strategy.


Subscription for binary access

A key part of adopting the Red Hat model was that access to enterprise software binaries requires an active subscription. Cloudera requires a subscription to any compute and storage capacity assigned to run Cloudera software. All Cloudera software version releases, maintenance and security releases, and new product releases require a subscription.


What’s included in a subscription

World-class technical support, for a start. More importantly, access to an enterprise data platform, built from 50+ open source software projects, that is integrated, tested, optimized, and hardened for enterprise scale, security, and reliability. In addition to support and binary access, a subscription entitles a customer to version upgrades, maintenance releases, bug fixes, and security patches. And, of course, access to the source code used to build the enterprise data platform software.




CDP pricing

Pricing for both CDP Public Cloud services and the new CDP Private Cloud software is Compute-Based, the industry standard for cloud data management and analytics.


CDP Private Cloud overview

CDP Private Cloud is now two products; CDP Private Cloud Base and CDP Private Cloud Data Services. Cloudera has simplified the acquisition of our Private Cloud Data Services - Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, and the new Data Engineering service. CDP Private Cloud Data Services is charged on a compute-only basis.  CDP Private Cloud Data Services also relies on CDP Private Cloud Base for separated Storage, Data Management, and SDX. The CDP Private Cloud Base pricing model is unchanged, charged on a node plus variable compute and storage. Our intent with these changes is to streamline packaging and pricing for CDP Private Cloud Data Services and the companion CDP Private Cloud Base. Our pricing for both CDP Private Cloud products is designed to be market competitive and aligned with modern cloud-based data analytics pricing (compute and storage based). 


CDP Private Cloud Base pricing overview

CDP Private Cloud Base Pricing is a blend of fixed node and variable compute and storage. The intent of a blended price model is to provide a smoother transition for existing CDP Private Cloud Base customers as they modernize their server estates. As customer's increase their server compute and storage, the variable compute and storage component results in a modest increase in subscription price, reflecting the scalability value CDP Private Cloud Base provides.


How does variable compute and storage pricing work?

Variable pricing is the term given for the variable compute and storage pricing component described above.  It is variable (compute and storage) as opposed to the fixed node-based pricing component.  

The variable compute and storage uplift is determined by comparing the amount of compute and storage in a customer’s environment to a baseline compute and storage cap of 16 Cores, 128GB RAM, and 48TB accessed of HDFS, Ozone or Third Party storage per Node, pooled across an entire cluster or environment.  This means that, if your server estate on average is at or below this baseline, there will be no uplift to your pricing.  If your server estate is above this baseline on average, your subscription list price will increase. 

The variable compute uplift is unchanged, based on a Cloudera Compute Unit, which is one Core and 8GB of RAM and is priced at $75 per CCU for compute above the 16 Core and 128GB RAM cap per Node.

For the variable storage uplift, CDP Private Cloud Base now provides two types of scalable data storage management capabilities: HDFS or distributed Ozone object storage, both priced by TB, and both with Cloudera SDX security and governance. Both are priced to be market-competitive with other data management offerings.

  • The variable storage uplift for HDFS is unchanged, priced at $25 per TB, for storage above the 48TB cap per Node.

  • The variable storage uplift for Ozone & Third-Party Storage options is priced at $100 per TB, for storage above the 48TB cap per Node. Ozone improves storage cost efficiency by enabling up to 5x larger storage nodes and greatly simplified storage deployments due to the decoupling of storage from compute. As such, the Ozone & Third-Party Storage options are priced higher than the HDFS storage option.   

Storage is based on Capacity Under Management that is in excess of the per Node storage limits. The definition is documented in the Subscription Product Metric page.

CDP Private Cloud Base Edition pricing

The Base Edition is the base cluster software formerly known as CDP Data Center. It includes the latest Cloudera Runtime, SDX security and governance, and Storage Management for traditional big data cluster management and analytics. 

Pricing is made up of the following components (pooled across clusters or environments):

  • $10,000 per Node 

  • Incremental Variable Compute and Storage Fees

    • $75 per CCU (1 Core and 8GB RAM)

    • $25 per TB for HDFS

    • $100 per TB for Ozone or any Third-Party Storage


CDP Private Cloud Data Services pricing

CDP Private Cloud Data Services adds container-based analytic data services —Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Data Warehouse and management tools.  Pricing for CDP Private Cloud Data Services is $650 per CCU (1 Core and 8GB RAM). CDP Private Cloud Base is a prerequisite for CDP Private Cloud Data Services. However both these products run on separate clusters and have different capacity requirements.

Below is an example of a customer who wants to use CDP Private Cloud Data Services. A customer would need to first deploy a cluster for CDP Private Cloud Base and then create a separate cluster to run CDP Private Cloud Data Services. Both these clusters will need separate subscriptions and will run on different sets of infrastructure. 

CDP Private Cloud Base Cluster contains: 20 Nodes, 640 Cores, 5,120GB RAM, and 2,000TB of Ozone Storage.

  • CDP Private Cloud Base Node List Price:  20 Nodes x $10,000 per Node = $200,000

  • CDP Private Cloud Base Variable Compute = Higher of 640 Cores or (5,120GB RAM - 2,560GB RAM)/8 = 640 CCUs x $75 per CCU = $48,000

  • CDP Private Cloud Base Variable Storage = 2,000 - 960 (48TB x 20 Nodes) = 1,040TB x $100 per TB Ozone Storage = $104,000

  • CDP Private Cloud Base List Price = 20 x $10,000 per Node + 640 CCUs x $75 per CCU + 1,040TB Ozone Storage x $100 per TB Ozone Storage  = $352,000

CDP Private Cloud Data Service Cluster contains: 320 Cores, 3,200GB RAM

  • CDP Private Cloud Data Service CCU = Higher of 320 Cores or 3,200GB RAM /8 = 400 CCUs

  • CDP Private Cloud Data Services List Price = 400 CCUs x $650 per CCU = $260,000

Total List Price to run CDP Private Cloud Data Services and CDP Private Cloud Base = $612,000

If the customer already had a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster they would just need to purchase CDP Private Cloud Data Services cluster for $260,000.


CDP Private Cloud Current customers

These changes do not affect existing active subscriptions and existing quotes for expansions and renewals will be honored. These changes do not affect CDP Public Cloud pricing either.  Your Cloudera Account Executive will work with you to explain the impact of new product packaging and pricing.


How does “CGU” pricing work?

This new pricing metric introduced in August 2021 called Cloudera GPU Unit (CGU) is determined by the type and amount of GPU cards deployed on the server estate. Please refer to the CGU tables for more information. CGU is the way we license and price GPU Acceleration.

CGU only applies to CDP Private Cloud Base, CDP Private Cloud Data Services and Cloudera Data Science Workbench.  CGUs are priced at $7,500 per CGU.


CDP Public Cloud pricing

Each CDP service—currently Data Engineering, DataFlow, Data Hub, Data Warehouse, Flow Management on Data Hub, Machine Learning, and Operational Database—has discrete rates ($0.XX/hr) for the instance or node types supported by each service. Pricing is “per instance per hour” or “per node per hour” based on the type of service. As you use services you are charged for the services that you use. Please see the rate tables and terms on the pricing page for more details.


Buying CDP Public Cloud

There are two ways to buy—Pay-as-You-Go and Cloud Credits. With either option you can use any CDP service at any time. You do not commit to a specific “SKU” or set of SKUs. You have total flexibility on using any CDP service. With the Pay-as-You-Go option, you are billed monthly based on what you use. You pay the published rates. With Cloud Credits, you buy an amount of Credits that you use over a 12-month period. The amount of Credits purchased determines your rate, discounted off the published rates. Any credits not used at that end of the 12-month period are forfeited. Please see the rate tables and terms on the pricing page for more details.

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