Cloudera pricing & licensing updates

Latest update: October 2021

On  October 14, 2021, we introduced a significant new release and new packaging for CDP Private Cloud software, CDP Private Cloud Data Services. Please see the CDP Private Cloud overview section below to learn more about the changes.  Contact Cloudera for more information. 




Open source policy

Cloudera adopted a revised enterprise open source policy modeled after that of Red Hat. This was initially detailed in a blog post in July 2019 and updated in February 2020. We continue to execute on that strategy.


Subscription for binary access

A key part of adopting the Red Hat model was that access to enterprise software binaries requires an active subscription. Cloudera requires a subscription to any compute and storage capacity assigned to run Cloudera software. All Cloudera software version releases, maintenance and security releases, and new product releases require a subscription.


What’s included in a subscription

World-class technical support, for a start. More importantly, access to an enterprise data platform, built from 50+ open source software projects, that is integrated, tested, optimized, and hardened for enterprise scale, security, and reliability. In addition to support and binary access, a subscription entitles a customer to version upgrades, maintenance releases, bug fixes, and security patches. And, of course, access to the source code used to build the enterprise data platform software.




CDP Private Cloud overview

CDP Private Cloud is now two products; CDP Private Cloud Base and CDP Private Cloud Data Services. Cloudera has simplified the acquisition of our Private Cloud Data Services - Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, and the new Data Engineering service. CDP Private Cloud Data Services also relies on CDP Private Cloud Base edition for separated Storage, Data Management, and SDX. Our intent with these changes is to streamline packaging for CDP Private Cloud Data Services and the companion CDP Private Cloud Base edition. Please contact Cloudera for more information.


CDP Public Cloud pricing

Each CDP service—currently Data Engineering, DataFlow, Data Hub, Data Warehouse, Flow Management on Data Hub, Machine Learning, and Operational Database—has discrete rates ($0.XX/hr) for the instance or node types supported by each service. Pricing is “per instance per hour” or “per node per hour” based on the type of service. As you use services you are charged for the services that you use. Please see the rate tables and terms on the pricing page for more details.


Buying CDP Public Cloud

There are two ways to buy—Pay-as-You-Go and Cloud Credits. With either option you can use any CDP service at any time. You do not commit to a specific “SKU” or set of SKUs. You have total flexibility on using any CDP service. With the Pay-as-You-Go option, you are billed monthly based on what you use. You pay the published rates. With Cloud Credits, you buy an amount of Credits that you use over a 12-month period. The amount of Credits purchased determines your rate, discounted off the published rates. Any credits not used at that end of the 12-month period are forfeited. Please see the rate tables and terms on the pricing page for more details.

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