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1067 results

1067 results

Qlik and Cloudera: Innovative Big Data Analytics Solutions for Financial Services

Qlik and Cloudera together provide the modern big data and analytics foundation that allows financial firms to create innovative and competitive solutions. This eBook uses innovative examples in asset management, banking with the internet of things (IoT), wealth management, and financial advisory efficiencies.

Fireside Chat: Fostering a Data-Driven Culture

Becoming a data-driven organization requires far more than just technology. In fact, most successful companies look inward first, ensuring they have the right people and processes to foster a culture where data can thrive. In this fireside chat, Tom Davenport, Professor of IT and Management and Amy O'Connor, Cloudera's Chief Information Data Officer, will discuss common traits of data-driven organizations, and share the five key things that all companies must do to achieve big data success.

Extend Your Analytics Toolkit with Computational Simulations

In this webinar, Ovum Sr. Analyst Paige Bartley will discuss the importance of big data as the foundation for building better predictive models. Cloudera and Simudyne will show you how, by adding ABM simulations to your analytics toolbox, you can account for emergent phenomena, knife-edges of risk, contagion and complex states of the world in which traditional models are not sufficient anymore.
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DBTA Best Practices: The Evolution of Analytics - Agile, Actionable, and Accurate

Database Trends and Applications shares how to break free of data analytics barriers. Don't get stuck just trying to keep the status quo. With a proliferation of siloed data marts and piecemeal insights, it can be challenging to tackle new business needs with existing data warehouse architectures. See how to enable this self-service exploration and bring cloud into the mix in a secure, integrated way.
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Best Practices in Data Science: Ten Keys to Operational Success and Business Value

This report will provide guidelines for evaluating and improving data science practices within large organizations. It will also provide details about necessary product capabilities that customers can use to make a well-informed product selections. Learn more about: The barriers preventing companies from realizing the full potential of data science What operationalizing data science means and why it is critical for success Eight best practices and product features for operationalizing data science across the enterprise How to build organizational support and multi-disciplinary teams for implementation How to construct a business plan to optimize the return on investment from data science

Making Customer 360 a Reality

AllSight is a solution-based software and technology company based in Toronto, Canada and Austin, Texas that creates actionable customer intelligence. Our unique offering is designed to create and manage an enterprise Customer 360 for any business that aims to be customer-centric and create exceptional customer experiences.

Actionable Intelligence: How Advanced Data Analytics Drives DoD Modernization

Modern defense departments rely heavily on advanced analytics to derive value from a wealth of data - whether it be to remain vigilant against cyber attacks, deliver much-needed healthcare or analyze sensor data in military base operations and maintenance. Read more about how adopting a modern platform for machine learning and analytics, optimized for the cloud, can provide the DoD with much-needed military intelligence.

Realizing the Full Value of Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Cloud environments play a key role when modernizing, and are rapidly changing the way businesses are thinking about their data and analytic strategy. See how best to leverage these environments for different analytic workloads (while keeping IT happy) to empower your data analysts.
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State and Local Government Modernization: Challenges and Opportunities

State, local and municipal governments can reap significant benefits and actionable insights derived from the data available to them. Agencies managing transportation, health and human services, criminal justice and other government operations already generate significant amounts of data on a daily basis that can be used to create regular reports and dashboards that track performance against mission goals and highlight areas to improve citizen service. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing government leaders as they modernize.

Public Sector Data Modernization

Government is facing a real dilemma. The explosion of data delivered by increasing numbers of digital devices, sensors and other sources holds tremendous analytical promise to help drive innovation and deliver better services. But it’s falling further and further behind the IT performance curve needed to keep up with these data demands.
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