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1054 results

1054 results

How to Run Your Cloud Right: Part 2

3 Things to Learn About: *how to leverage its unique capabilities to extract more value from your data. *three options for running Cloudera in the cloud - IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS - highlighting key similarities and differences *how you can use cloud object storage to ensure business continuity.
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MiFID II and Best Execution: The Challenges Ahead

MiFID II and MiFIR impose a wide range of changes that will have a large impact on the EU’s financial markets, especially with respect to how institutions collect and manage their data, how critical business functions are managed, and new regulatory reporting obligations on market participants. These changes will require firms to modernize their data and analytics platforms to enable a more streamlined, agile, and cost-e ective IT environment.

Analytics Reduce Customer Churn in Telecom

According to a Telecommunications survey by McKinsey, multi-channel interactions are materially worse in customer satisfaction than single-channel, whether digital or not. Through Customer 360 analytics, Telcos can build a highly enriched customer profile beyond the traditional segmentation attributes, to enable precision profiling of the customer base for highly targeted marketing and for improving the customer experience.

Connected Manufacturing Powered by IoT

Given the complexity and variety and volume of manufacturing and IoT data, organizations must fundamentally rethink their data management strategy— transitioning to a platform that is optimized for the scale and complexity of the data.

DBTA Cybersecurity Sourcebook 2017

Cybersecurity is more important than ever, and the threats are evolving rapidly. To equip you with the knowledge to succeed, we are bringing together a unique resource on the leading cybersecurity threats, strategies and technologies that every organization should know about.

Cybersecurity for the C-Suite

Cybersecurity takes more than just technology; it takes a holistic strategy driven by the c-suite that includes managerial, organizational, and other strategic aspects of cybersecurity. In this HBR webinar, learn about cybersecurity strategies c-suite executives are implementing to better protect their organization.

Intel and Cloudera Customer 360 Solution for Financial Services

Big data solutions from Cloudera, built on Intel® technology, provide seamless data integration with security-focused performance and scalability.

Data Driven Possibility in the Public Sector

This video provides an overview of the use cases Cloudera is supporting across the public sector from the Federal Government to K-12 Education. Data powers possibility every single day for education and government.
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Driving Better Products with Customer Intelligence

In today’s fast moving world, the ability to capture and process massive amounts of data and make valuable insights is key to gaining a competitive advantage. For RingCentral, a leader in Unified Communications, this is very true since they work with over 350,000 organizations worldwide. With such scale, it can be difficult to address quality issues when they appear while supporting additional calls.
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How to Lower TCO and Avoid Cloud Lock-in

One of the primary reasons companies look to the public cloud is because they believe it can reduce their total cost of IT ownership (TCO). But the truth is cloud can often be more expensive than on-prem deployments, and if you’re not careful, the services you run can lead to lock in and limit your flexibility. In this webinar, we provide guidance on total cost of ownership in the cloud. We also cover how and when to use cloud object storage, preemptible instances, and transient clusters. Lastly, we look at how increasingly popular multi-cloud strategies can help you lower costs and risk.
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